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Friday, January 14, 2005

This morning's weather Posted by Hello
Take a look at Maine in this picture, if you can find it. A warm front passing off to the north, a cold front pushing in from the west, heavy fog down off the coast, strong south winds with temps in the 50s, fog and heavy rain - snow melting like crazy! This is something that happens some years but doesn't happen in other years and when it does happen, it makes a real mess. If Maine is the tailpipe of the eastern seaboard as it is sometimes called, this must be the backfire.
Tomorrow it will be cold again and all of the doors on all of the cars will be frozen shut. Whatever old snow still remains on the ground will be frozen hard too making skiing and snowmobiling quite unpleasant.
After a rain like this, though, it is possible to go hiking on the lakes and maybe even mountain hiking, as long as it doesn't get super cold. It's January, though, so it is usually quite cold and windy. I'll hibernate till March!


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