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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Chalabi? Again?

When you read political news about Iraq, it gets hard to figure out just who our enemies are and who are our allies. In this weekend's edition of the Bangor Daily News there was an article on page A5 written by AP writer Maggie Michael titled "Controversial Chalabi could be Iraq's first PM" and yes, PM means Prime Minister.
Like what!!?
I thought the CIA outed Chalabi last year or something, accused him of slipping classified information to Iran or something, raided his place and dragged off his computers and all that. Shortly after that, though, I did read that Rumsfeld and the Neo-Cons were at Condi Rice's door asking for her to do something to help out the Pentagon's choice, Chalabi, and restore him to influence. A little while later, George Tennet resigned as head of the CIA.
I guess that now with Bush's fellow Skull and Bones man as head of the CIA, things got turned around and now Chalabi has been forgiven and slipped back into Iraq's government as part of the January 30 election's winning party.
The strange thing to me is that other than one sighting of him on a talk show on Public Television the night after the election, the only mention I had heard of Chalabi was when Juan Cole recently wrote that he was a distant and unlikely prospect for the Prime Minister slot. Now he's the number 2 choice in a two-way secret ballot vote to be held by the United Iraqi Alliance. (http://www.fortwayne.com/mld/newssentinel/10907734.htm)
How can all of this take place beneath the radar of mainstream US media?
My impression of Chalabi ever since I first began noticing him during the 2003 war was that he sure seems like slime. He reminds me of the Mafia. Word has it that he is wanted in Jordan for embezzling $300 million from his own bank before slipping out of the country. It is reported that much of the false information about Iraq's weapons production and stockpiles came to the Pentagon from Chalabi's group. Since the war in 2003, there have been reports of corruption involving family members of Chalabi. In my mind, there's no doubt about it. If Bush wants a corrupt leader in Iraq, Chalabi is the man for the job. But hey, that's just my impression of the man.


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