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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hot Potatoe

Does anyone remember Dan Quayle?
Potatoe, anyone?
There seems to be another hot potatoe in another Bush White House now, the Jeff Gannon thing. It almost looks like it is so hot it is being pretty much avoided by the mainstream media (MSM). But if you've been reading any of the less-than-conservative bloggers regarding this guy, this little issue seems to be just about to blow some serious steam. Maybe not, though. The Bush people seem to have a way of quieting stormy waters. But according to what I have read this weekend, it appears that there may be one or more White House guys who have somewhat less than a right-wing take on "family values" and "Moral Majority" - shall we say - "orientation"?
The real fun is happening here:
I'm no prude. A guy can sell his body to the gay community if he wants. I have no beef with that. Sure, it's against the law, but so are a lot of things. But when a guy's day job is gay-bashing while his night job is gay prostitution? Or maybe when his day job is defending the Bush morality agenda while at night he seems otherwise oriented? What can I say?
This should help a struggling America to learn something. Anything. OK, maybe not Quayle, but at least somebody might learn something!


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