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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sesame Street on Sunday Morning

Can you believe it? Both my wife and my oldest son Jake just criticized me this morning because I was sitting in front of the TV watching Sesame Street. Big Bird had just resolved a stressful situation involving change and the Cookie Monster was trying not to eat the letter for the day, an oatmeal cookie with a big D on it.
My wife criticized me because she just criticizes everything I do unless I am doing it specifically for her. My son, though, thought I could be spending my time better watching some Sunday morning sports (as in hunting/fishing) program. I had said that I thought Sesame Street was a much better program than CBS News but Jake argued that CBS News wasn't on. I would have expected Sunday morning church broadcasts so I hadn't even looked, but in our house the choices are simple. We get PBS and the CBS affiliate, Channel 5 from Bangor.
But I get the last laugh... My wife is sitting in front of the TV now watching Sesame Street and enjoying it. Jake, on the other hand, is packing his bags to go ice fishing in the frigid cold.
Op! I spoke too soon. I hear the sports chatter now...


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Anonymous ice fishing house said...

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