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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Masked and Anonymous

Today I should be out in my driveway fixing my wife's Caravan but I am procrastinating. It's sunny out but not very warm and extremely windy. I'm replacing the water pump which has been leaking for awhile. Friday I spent $350.00 on parts, making this by far the most expensive water pump repair I have ever done. It's expensive because it involves the camshaft timing belt and accessories.
So instead of working out in the cold, I stayed in this afternoon and watched a movie. Last night I went to the video store and found that they had a box of used DVDs for $3 apiece, "All sales are final." Looking through the box, I found three that looked pretty good. I bought Wedding for Bella which we watched last night. That was a very touching movie, extremely so. My wife cried a flood, I think, because it dealt with an issue that she is involved in frequently with her work. I also bought State and Main which I haven't watched yet. I don't think I even saw it when it was first out. My daughter did and recommended it, but I don't remember seeing it.
The third movie I bought was Masked and Anonymous, a 2003 movie featuring Bob Dylan as the star along with a bunch of his music and a bunch of familiar Hollywood faces. That's what I did this afternoon instead of working out in the cold. I watched that movie. It was an interesting movie too, but after seeing it, I came to the conclusion that the point of the movie must have been to prove what people have claimed for decades, that we only use 10% or less of our brain! I was so lost trying to make any sense out of it! But it's Bob Dylan and it's all about political power and war so it must mean something, anything! I'll just have to watch it again sometime when I'm more awake. But I do recommend this movie to anyone who has seen it all.


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