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Monday, January 09, 2006

Choir Boy

That's how Sam Alito was informally portrayed by Public Radio shortly after he finished his brief introductory statement today. Public Radio is covering the Senate committee hearings for Alito's Supreme Court approval. I was impressed that the concept of "unitary executive" was brought into the discussion even at this early stage.
I haven't really made up my mind about Alito. He seems boyish and naive, but that's becoming a mainstay for service to the Republican cause. He seems like a child of the 60s who "just said no" whenever asked if he would care to expand his mind. He preferred excelling in school rather than experiencing what it meant to be "a child of the 60s" - a Stepford boy born ten years after his time. But that's just the impression I get when I see him and the impression I got listening to him today.
I can associate with that. If I weren't dyslexic, I'd probably have taken the road more taken myself. But I don't know. I think I had a little more rebel in me than I see in Sam. But who knows...
Today's hearing was mainly consumed by political posturing by the committee members characterized by repeating political talking points. The Democrats expressed their desire that Alito should speak freely about who he is and what he believes while the Republicans assured Alito that they fully support him keeping his mouth shut as much as possible.
Contrast that to yesterday's Face the Nation on CBS when Arlen Specter (the chairman of this Senate committee) when asked about the possibility of a filibuster stated, "We really ought to go to these hearings... ..and give Sam--Judge Alito a chance to testify before making all these threats." I mean, do Republicans want Alito to testify or don't they? And is it honest to say you don't want to see Alito talk but Democrats don't have the right to filibuster if he doesn't talk? And really, what's wrong with this man discussing his professional opinion about abortion or the unitary executive theory that he promoted? Why would Republicans not want the public to know Alito's positions on these issues? What's wrong with understanding who this man really is and what he believes?
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