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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Neo-Liberal Neo-Con

William Kristol is calling for military preparations for the liberalization of Iran and the greater Middle East.
"What about the hopes for a liberal, less extremist and less terror-friendly Middle East?"
Well William, what about the hopes for a liberal, less extremist, and less terror-friendly America?
Whose side are you on, anyway? Ah, yes, that's right. You are the son of Jewish Trotskyist-become neo-conservative Irving Kristol and Jewish Victorian conservative Gertrude Himmelfarb. Your uncle Milton Himmelfarb was a prominent Jewish figure.
Why is it that when it comes to people like Kristol, the crossover between "liberal" and "conservative" becomes so blurry? What is there here that I am missing? Someone help me out here. If American conservatism really is trying to eliminate liberalism as they often claim, then how is it that these neo-conservatives who have such a strong voice in the Bush administration can speak of "the hopes for a liberal... Middle East"? There's something I missed in history class and I'm not quite sure where to look to find it truthfully explained. In what fringe of the political landscape do liberal and conservative philosophies merge? Wherever that is, Kristol must already be there if the new Iran Iraq War will liberalize the Middle East.


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