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Monday, February 27, 2006

Puppet Show

Sometimes I get the impression that American politics are just a puppet show, that we are all just characters on strings and our beliefs and actions play out some higher form of theatrics, serve some other political agenda. Recently I've discovered that that agenda's primary stage isn't United States politics at all. It's the world stage for Israel.
OK so you just blew your top about that anti-Semitic jab. How dare I say something like that and all that jazz. Cool down a second or click the Close box on this window if you can't take it. I'm exercising my right to free speech as an American citizen so if you decide to stay and read this, then relax and smile and read it with a grain of salt. Allow me that freedom.
On the Jewish political stage that I'm referring to are two major ideologies. One is liberalism. The other is conservative Zionism. Jewish liberalism has played out over the decades or centuries as socialism, communism, the American political left, and even the neo-liberal trade movement. Zionism, though, is the movement to focus Jewish power in the state of Israel through financial, industrial, and military strength. Zionism capitalizes on the Holocaust and joins forces with such political theories as the Christian end-times movement and countless ancient secret religions and organizations, the fodder for so many of the legitimate conspiracy theories. Zionism uses the political and religious divides around the world to concentrate Israel's power and importance.
By suggesting that we are merely the puppets, I am referring to the debate raging in America between the political left, the Liberals, and the political right, the Conservatives. In reality that split doesn't exist. We know we are all Americans and we are all proud defenders of the U.S. Constitution. We all believe that our armed forces exist for the defense of our nation's sovereignty, not for some imperialistic cause and not for the promotion of a New World Order of corporate power. We know that America doesn't exist to further the cause of Israeli Zionism and we know we aren't a Christian nation with a mission to bring about the apocalypse.
Yet throughout the media, and especially in conservative media, we are thrown into this raging debate whose stated goal is the elimination of liberal politics. To see the link between this American political stage and the Jewish debate, take a look at this interview with Jewish author Edward Alexander about his new book The Jewish Divide Over Israel: Accusers and Defenders. In this interview, Alexander describes the worldwide political battle between Jewish liberalism and Israeli Zionism, in the process belittling and demonizing Jewish liberalism.
That is precisely the political debate being acted out on the American political stage by non-Jewish puppets, that is, by you and me. (Forgive me for assuming that you, my reader, are not Jewish.) I am not, yet I am thrown onto this puppet-show stage and forced to confront the powers of Zionism merely to defend freedom and liberty here in the United States. As much as I don't want to be a puppet in this Jewish-dominated show, I have no choice. Somehow Zionism has come to dominate my opponent in such a way that to be a moderate American has become synonymous with being a liberal Jew and I either debate from that stage or am completely off the stage sitting in the audience, not a participant at all.
Am I complaining? I don't know. Maybe. Am I rebelling? Maybe that too. But no matter what I am doing, I'm still merely a puppet acting out a much bigger political battle that far transcends simple American politics. Do I resent it? You better believe it!


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