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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Reagan the Ultimate Enemy

Worshipers of President Ronald Reagan always act surprised when I bring up the idea that it was under Reagan's rule that the US dropped its interest in US manufacturing capacity and adopted the world economy approach to production. It was a full quarter of a decade plus a year ago that Reagan won his first presidential election. Time doesn't always bring 20/20 hindsight, especially not when Reagan worshipers envision him as the man who once again made America strong. Reagan may have focused on making America the world's dominant military force, but the other side of Reagan's legacy (now forgotten) is that he was the one who undermined America's manufacturing capacity. With the full support of his conservative base he undid organized labor here in the United States.
What we easily forget is that for a decade prior to Reagan's presidency the United States struggled with high inflation rates. Conservatives blamed it on the high cost of labor. Nixon attempted price controls but that effort went bust with runaway energy prices fueled by imagined oil shortages. The Carter years saw cripplingly high interest rates. Reagan's answer was twofold, deregulation of American corporate power and the breaking down of trade barriers. Both initiatives were aimed at bringing down prices, fighting inflation, and both were successful towards that end. But both led to what we have today, global trade at the expense of the American manufacturing worker. Both led to outsourcing of our production capacity to the lowest bidder. Both led to the deunionization of America's workforce. Both opposed organized labor and favored corporate profit.
Ronald Reagan's economic policies aimed at curbing inflation led to the world in which we now live, a world where Americans perceive the United States as the dominant world military and economic power, as a force dominant over the entire world's resources. It is with this view that America invaded the Middle East to secure its oil resources. It is with this view that America seeks to establish a ring of military strength encircling Asia. It is with this view that John Bolton seeks to reinvent the UN to serve America's worldwide interests. And it is because of this view that the world increasingly sees the United States as the greatest threat to peace, the driving force behind a new need for the defensive militarization of any rising economy.
Ronald Reagan conservativism didn't simply end the Cold War. It began a new one! This one we can't win without Orwell's Big Brother. Ronald Reagan was reelected in 1984. How ironic yet appropriate that symbolism now is in our New World Order. How sad that Reagan's conservative Walmart economics, his forgotten legacy, will crush our nation.
But I should be fair. There is no way in the world that I would want to turn back America's production capacity to 1979. Inflation threatened productivity just as much as Reagan deregulation eventually did. It's easy to forget that the quality of American made products was falling short of the expectations of buyers. Nissan and Toyota and Nikon and Panasonic all saw sales soaring because purchasers of these Asian brands perceived and received value, reasonable quality at an affordable price. Since then American and world consumers have enjoyed seeing this value spread to many more mass produced products. In 1979 we all feared that quality would come at such a high price from America's union workers that few of us non-union workers would be able to afford it. Inflation fed that fear and it fed a downward trend in the quality of goods "Made in the USA." That trend has been reversed whether we will admit it or not. Even American manufacturers can now produce high quality at reasonable prices.
What we can't produce, though, is a surplus in the balance of trade. We can't produce for the rest of the world enough to compensate for what we purchase from them. Our response, our coping mechanism, is military domination of the world's economy and resources, the "shock and awe" approach. That is also our failure. The world will no longer tolerate colonialism, not even under the new economic world order. Eventually, encouraged by victory in Japan, Germany, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, China, Russia, North Korea, and in nations around the world once thought of as enemies of American interests, American hegemony will fail. The American economy won't be able to sustain the economic drain of military dominance.
Does anybody in Washington understand this?


Blogger THIRD WORLD WAR said...

Director: Institute of Geopolitics, Wednesday November 15, 2006 Washington DC 11:00 AM.
(1) BROWN SETTLER COLONIALISTS: Colonial rulers in India, Andean and Central America implanted traitor political leadership, bureaucracy and Judiciary that continued to protect and promote the interests of the former colonial rulers, colonial civilization to the detriment of the national interests of their respective indigenous civilization, culture, religion and society. The rise of Evo Morales, the first Aymara Indian President of Bolivia highlighted the fact that Bolivia became independent in true spirit only after the inauguration of Evo Morales. Similarly, India became truly independent only during the government of Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee. India continued to be under foreign civilization rule during the government of prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, the self-proclaimed last true brown Englishman of India. The true politics of India not that of class conflict but the clash of civilization, where Hindu Civilization in India, Inca Civilizations of Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador and the Maya and Aztec civilizations of Mexico and Guatemala are under assault led by brown Settler Colonialists that continued to promote the political, economic, racial, religious and social interests of the Settler Colonialism even after these countries supposedly became independent.
(2) SETTLER COLONIALISTS OF INDIA BOLIVIA PERU ECUADOR MEXICO GUATEMALA: India presently led by traitors to Hindu Civilization that continued to promote the civilization and religious interests of British colonialists and Papacy at great harm to the civilization interests of Hindu India and Hinduism even after independence in 1947. Similarly the Settler Colonialists of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico continued to undermine the majority populations, the indigenous people, indigenous culture, religion and civilization. Hinduism is as much under assault of the Brown Settler Colonialists of India as Inca, Maya and Aztec civilization is under assault in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru proudly declared himself the last Brown Englishman to rule India. Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee created a similar change in American ruling elite as Aymara Indian Evo Morales created in Bolivian politics, even when settler colonialists lurking in the coalition group sought to sabotage the attempt of Atal Behari Vajpayee to restore Hindu Civilization to its pivotal role in the scheme of affairs in India. The opposition of the pro-Christian Congress Party, the Communist Party Marxist, and the plethora of anti-Hindu political parties represent the attack on indigenous Indian Civilization in India. It is no different than the pro-Papacy, pro-white mestizo ruling elite in South America of mixed ancestry present to the indigenous Inca, Maya, Aztec Indian civilization, religion, culture and languages in Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, Andean and Central America to this date. India needs a revolution to eradicate the dominance and influence of pro-Christianity Settler Colonialists that continue to take pride in their anti-Hinduism political and social agenda. Just as Brown Mestizos of Andean and Central America of mixed Indian and European descent united in their defense of the social and political interests of Settler Colonialism, similarly the brown Englishmen of the Congress Party, Communist Party and plethora of Socialist parties united in their defense of anti-Indian Settler Colonialism and they all could be denounced as Brown Settler Colonialists of Indian politics. Had Atal Behari Vajpayee not exploded Indian Atom Bomb in May 1988 the Settler Colonialists of India would have openly aligned with the enemies of India, to deny India its nuclear capability. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 1991 scuttled the evil economic conspiracy of Settler Colonialist Socialists to make India economically poor. In 1998, Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee scuttled the evil conspiracy of Settler Colonialists to make India militarily vulnerable. Perhaps someday the patriotic Indians would acquire political power in India and use their power to confiscate the property and assets of all Settler Colonialists and their descendants that shackled India after its independence in 1947. Perhaps all Settler Colonialists and their descendants should be expelled from India to the lands of their colonial masters in Europe or China.
(3) CLASH OF RACES & RELIGION MORE THAN CLASH OF CLASSES: Political movements in Hispanic South America are the clash of races as well as clash of religion. The pro-white ruling elite created the class conflicts and class wars in Andean America and Central America primarily to maintain the political hegemony of the minority white populations. The unmixed indigenous people outnumber unmixed whites and mixed mestizo population in Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, South Mexico and Guatemala. The unmixed indigenous people are rising in revolt and capturing the political power, because the population of white Christians in South America and Europe is on fast decline worldwide. Just as India became independent in 1947, when Hindu Indian led government was sworn into power in Delhi, similarly Bolivia became independent only when Aymara Indian Evo Morales sworn in as the President of Bolivia. Only those countries in the Caribbean and South America are independent as are led by non-white indigenous leadership. Brown Latin America is preparing for a racial showdown with white ruling elite implanted into corridors of power by European colonial powers and Papacy. If Papacy continues to take side with the pro-White Mestizo ruling elite in Southern and Latin America then the indigenous peoples might even reject the Roman Catholic Church and reinstate the ancient gods and goddesses of Inca, Maya and Aztec religions and reject Christianity. Aymara President Evo Morales of Bolivia would do Spain a great favor if he confiscated the property of all unmixed white Hispanic residents of Bolivia and expelled them to Spain to save Spain from population decline. Latin America is Preparing to Settle Accounts with its White Settler Elite. In the article British journalist Richard Gott argued that the "political movements and protests sweeping the continent - from Bolivia to Venezuela - are as much about race as class." Latin America is preparing to settle accounts with its white settler elite. The political movements and protests sweeping the continent - from Bolivia to Venezuela - are as much about race as class. The pro-white Colonial-Settlers promoted Socialism and ignited class wars to perpetuate the economic and political hegemony of the Hispanic white colonialists in Andean and Central America. Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Congress Party and Indian Communist party and socialists played the same role in post-independent India. In light of this logic only when Hindu leadership is firmly entrenched into power in India that India could be called truly free.
(3) EVO MORALES SHOULD CONFISCATE THE PROPERTY OF ALL WHITES IN BOLIVIA: The highly civilized Inca, Maya and Aztec people have more rights than the Arab Wahhabi Bedouin have in taking full control over their lands and reinstate the religion of their ancestors and expel Christianity and Papacy from Hispanic America. Just as barbarian Arabian Wahhabi Bedouin have taken over the economic, political and religious control in Saudi Arabia and Arabian Peninsula, similarly the Aymara Indians in Bolivia and indigenous peoples in Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador have every legal right to force white residents and Papacy to toe the line of Indigenous peoples of South America. Just as Hindu Indians ejected the white Christians from position of power in politics, economy and culture after the independence, similarly the Bolivia’s Aymara Indians have every right to confiscate the property of all unmixed whites in Bolivia and force Papacy to toe the line of Indigenous civilization and Inca religion in Bolivia. The recent explosion of indigenous protest in Latin America, culminating in the election this year of Evo Morales, an Aymara Indian, as president of Bolivia, has highlighted the precarious position of the white-settler elite that has dominated the continent for so many centuries. Although the term "white settler" is familiar in the history of most European colonies, and comes with a pejorative ring, the whites in Latin America (as in the US) are not usually described in this way, and never use the expression themselves. No Spanish or Portuguese word exists that can adequately translate the English term.
(4) ONLY EVO MORALES LED BOLIVIA IS TRULY INDEPENDENT COUNTRY: Only such Latin American countries that are led by indigenous peoples can be called independent countries. Latin America is traditionally seen as a continent set apart from colonial projects elsewhere, the outcome of its long experience of settlement since the 16th century. Yet it truly belongs in the history of the global expansion of white-settler populations from Europe in the more recent period. Today's elites are largely the product of the immigrant European culture that has developed during the two centuries since independence. The indigenous people of Andean and Latin America outnumber the unmixed whites and pro-white mixed mestizo populations. It is high time that political, economic and military power is exercised by the brown indigenous populations rather than by whites or pro-white mixed mestizo people. The characteristics of the European empires' white-settler states in the 19th and 20th centuries are well known. The settlers expropriated the land and evicted or exterminated the existing population; they exploited the surviving indigenous labor force on the land; they secured for themselves a European standard of living; and they treated the surviving indigenous peoples with extreme prejudice, drafting laws to ensure they remained largely without rights, as second- or third-class citizens.
(5) EVIL WHITE SETTLER COLONIALISM: The Settler Colonialism in India continued to harm the civilization interests of Hindu India through the Indian Administrative Services, Congress Party and Communist Party. The Papacy created a Christian network in Indian corridors of power to keep such Hindu Indians of political power as sought to promote rise of India as economic, military and political power. The white settler colonialism in Indian Foreign Service cadre scuttled imperial designs of post-independent India. President Evo Morales should lead the peoples of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala and Southern Mexico to decolonize these counties from evil “Settler Colonialism.” Latin America shares these characteristics of "settler colonialism", an evocative term used in discussions about the British Empire. Together with the Caribbean and the US, it has a further characteristic not shared by Europe's colonies elsewhere: the legacy of a non-indigenous slave class. Although slavery had been abolished in much of the world by the 1830s, the practice continued in Latin America (and the US) for several decades. The white settlers were unique in oppressing two different groups, seizing the land of the indigenous peoples and appropriating the labor of their imported slaves.
(6) WHITE SETTLER COLONIALISTS: Andean America, Mexico, Latin America need to expel white settler colonialists from corridors of power to enthrone indigenous people and indigenous civilization take political and economic control of their nations. A feature of all "settler colonialist" societies has been the ingrained racist fear and hatred of the settlers, who are permanently alarmed by the presence of an expropriated underclass. Yet the race hatred of Latin America's settlers has only had a minor part in our customary understanding of the continent's history and society. Even politicians and historians on the left have preferred to discuss class rather than race. The Marxism, Socialism and Communism had been the Semite plot to justify the destruction of the indigenous civilizations. The leftist and communist uprisings in Peru, Guatemala, Bolivia and Ecuador had been the plot of the white settler colonialists to deny the majority unmixed indigenous populations take political control of their societies, even when they outnumbered unmixed white settlers as well mixed mestizo populations.
(7) CHAVEZ ALLENDE PERON: Hugo Chavez, Salvadore Allende and Juan Peron advocated the rights of the indigenous people and for this they were ostracized by the white supremacists. President Hugo Chavez is of mixed Indian and black descent, also known as Mullato. In Venezuela, elections in December 2006 will produce another win for Hugo Chávez, a man of black and Indian origin. Much of the virulent dislike shown towards him by the opposition has been clearly motivated by race hatred, and similar hatred was aroused the 1970s towards Salvador Allende in Chile and Juan Perón in Argentina. Chilean President Salvadore Allende promoted the economic and political interests of “Rotos,” meaning “broken ones of indigenous descent” the Chilean underclass of indigenous Indians. Allende's unforgivable crime, in the eyes of the white-settler elite, was to mobilize the rotos, the "broken ones" - the patronizing and derisory name given to the vast Chilean underclass. The indigenous origins of the rotos were obvious at Allende's political demonstrations. Dressed in Indian clothes, their affinity with their indigenous neighbors would have been apparent. The same could be said of the cabezas negras - "black heads" - who came out to support President Juan Perón. Peron advocated the rights of the Negroes in Argentina, which raised alarm among white Settler colonialists of Argentina, with predominantly white population.
(8) CIVILIZATION VS BARBARISM: In India the Communist Party of India and Congress Party have historically promoted the interests of Settler Colonialists and Papacy by conspiring to depict Hindu civilization as barbarism. This unexplored parallel has become more apparent as indigenous organizations have come to the fore, arousing the whites' ancient fears. A settler spokesman, Mario Vargas Llosa, the Peruvian-now-Spanish novelist, has accused the indigenous movements of generating "social and political disorder", echoing the cry of 19th-century racist intellectuals such as Colonel Domingo Sarmiento of Argentina, who warned of a choice between "civilisation and barbarism". It is no accident that BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani sought to convince Bhartiya Janata Party that Hindus do not constitute a vote bank in Hindu India. Former Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru boasted that he is a last Englishman to rule India.
(9) PRO-SETTLER COLONIALISM ELITES OF INDIA: British implanted Settle Elites into position of power in post-1947 India to ensure that political and bureaucratic leadership of India continued to promote the interests of Papacy and Christian civilization to the detriment of Hindu Civilization. The obsession of Indian Congress Party and Communist Party with every thing European including religion or ideology exposed their anti-Hindu pro-colonialism roots in post-independent India, especially in 21st century India. The Settler Elites of Latin America and India after independence were obsessed with all things European and Christian. They traveled to Europe in search of political models, ignoring their own countries beyond the capital cities, and excluding the majority from their nation-building project. Along with their imported liberal ideology came the racialist ideas common among settlers elsewhere in Europe's colonial world. This racist outlook led to the downgrading and non-recognition of the black population, and, in many countries, to the physical extermination of indigenous peoples. In their place came millions of fresh settlers from Europe.
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