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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hillary Country

Josh Marshall has been a Hillary supporter over on his TPM blog. Yesterday evening he did a post titled "Upcountry" in which he maps the regions where Hillary has gotten more than 65% of the vote in the primaries. It's an interesting point he makes, but I tend to think he's leaving something out. Yes, like he says, these are racially white folks, the overall level of education is lower, we all know Appalachia as hard-working but low-income, and they certainly tend to be conservative in their Christianity. None of these factors work in Obama's favor and if he loses in November, all of these will be factors in his loss. But I tend to think there is one more factor that the media is overlooking.
If I were to pick one section in this country that most "supports the troops" this would be it. These people are hard-core pro-American militant. It seems astounding to me that any of them support Hillary since she is the one who has claimed she would pull the troops out the fastest. I think at one point she even said 60 days after taking office she would do it.
But has Hillary been going around in this region speaking against the Iraq War? Hey, I'm not down there. I don't know. I'm speculating. I'd enjoy hearing from someone who has heard her speak in these areas. Maybe I'm wrong here. But I seriously doubt that she is campaigning in this area as being against the war.
Obama is identified nationwide as the candidate who is against the war in Iraq.
Hillary is identified as the one who lies.
So Hillary's claims that she would stop the Iraq War could very well be, and probably are, lies.
I think that's why support for Hillary in this "Upcountry" region is as strong as it is. Democrats represent the underprivileged, but Hillary represents the pro-war crowd within the Democratic Party.
Correct me if I'm mistaken.


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