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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Communities in Blight

I was just watching The News Hour on PBS. A debate with representatives from each of the three presidential campaigns was covering the mortgage problem that at least up until today seemed to be troubling Wall Street and by extension the rest of the world. Here's the mp3 of that segment.
The Clinton campaign was represented by a younger man - I didn't catch his name - who was throwing out things that weren't really making any neural connections in my brain. Hillary Clinton is calling for thirty billion dollars to blah blah blah... Communities in blight blah blah blah...
Wait, communities in blight? Now there's a visual I could grasp. Picture giant federal government crop dusters dropping billions of freshly minted dollars backed by U.S. Treasury bonds on all these Midwestern "communities in blight" to solve this financial crisis. Now there's a picture of the Democrats in action! That grabs my neurons!


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