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Friday, March 14, 2008

Is Wright Wrong?

There's a new controversy swirling around Barack Obama this week, a controversy over the impassioned words of Obama's Black pastor back home in Chicago. From what I gather, Fox News aired a January 13 speech by Pastor Wright where he describes Jesus as a poor black man in a rich white country and culture.
After reading some commentary about Wright's speech in the liberal blogs basically advising Obama to renounce his relationship with Pastor Wright, I was expecting to hear a dark sermon of black racism and hatred. Instead, I hear a man passionately describing what it means to be a minority black in a majority white country. I hear a man brilliantly describing what it meant in the world of the Roman Empire for a man born into racial and cultural oppression to embrace his enemy with love.
In the same way that Jesus embraced his enemy with love, so now does Barack Obama. The enemy isn't the white skin, it is the idea that white skin makes people more worthy. Nothing could make more sense nor be more positive than the message of Wright's speech.
Yet in our racially charged but politically correct world, we react to this notion by saying this pastor is a racist and should be shunned in today's world.
When will we ever rise above reactionary politics and begin to see the light?
Obama isn't a man who is being favored by a politically correct mentality that forces us to bend over backwards and support him because of the color of his skin. Obama is a man who has risen spiritually to a point where he can transcend racism and speak the truth to a world that is blinded by racism, blinded to the fact that truth can come from the mind and mouth of a dark-skinned person.
When I look at Obama, I don't see a black man. I don't see a white man. I don't see a colored man. I see a man who speaks the truth in a world filled with lies. That's why Clinton will never embrace him. That's why the Republicans will fight against him. He speaks truth and hope into a world filled with the despair generated by layer after layer, year after year of lies.
Wright was right, but in the eyes of the reactionary right, he is wrong. I hope Obama has sense enough to embrace and not repudiate these truths.


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