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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spit on Spitzer

I don't know anyone including myself who isn't repulsed at the discovery that New York's Democrat governor was spending tens of thousands of dollars on sex with high-priced prostitutes. Eliot Spitzer, who as New York State Attorney General, won fame as a champion for law enforcement even against prostitution. This week he fell from grace as the entire nation reacted to the news of his $4,000 plus hotel visit in Washington with an "escort" a.k.a. hooker. Various sources suggest that Spitzer may have spent as much as $80,000 on these call girls. Most people find this behavior troubling, especially for someone in Spitzer's position as Governor of New York, married man, and father of three lovely girls.
But park your reaction of disgust to this situation for a few minutes and let's think about this.
While it is very clear that Spitzer worked really really hard to get himself into this mess, it isn't as though he didn't have some help from a few of his enemies. Spitzer fell from power because of information that was leaked from what we now know is a highly politicized US Justice Department now under the direction of Michael Mukasey, a New Yorker, Republican, and orthodox Jew whose father emigrated from Russia shortly after the Communist takeover. I have nothing to base this idea on, I'm not from New York, but I'd bet that Mukasey has more conflicts of interest with Spitzer than you could fit on Babe Ruth's bat. I mean, how could that not be so?
The reality of this situation is that agents under the supervision of Mukasey probed into the private life of New York's governor, then without even filing charges illegally leaked information to the press that brought about Spitzer's downfall. If this isn't politics, what is? And if this is true, then it nails the lid on the coffin for Bush's Justice Department. Law enforcement doesn't get much lower than this.
And I thought Ohio politics was corrupt...
OK, I release you. Go back to your reactionary politics.


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