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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hillary Clinton is certainly doing a wonderful job now of proving to me exactly what it is that I don't like about politics as usual. Her campaign has started emitting a particularly distasteful odor in the past week.
She seems to be trying to convince us who support Barak Obama that we should be ashamed of ourselves. I'm almost wondering if secretly she has hired on Karl Rove because this new barrage is so reminiscent of Bush and the Rove political era.
There's the Obama dressed as a Somali thing. Note how Clinton's campaign turns this one back against Obama as if there was no malintent on Clinton's part here. Reactionary politics, anyone? Obama's mistake here, by the way, is that he didn't just laugh Hillary right off the earth over this.
Then there was last week's outburst by Hillary against the flier that suggested Hillary favored NAFTA. Factcheck.org hedged on this but finally sided somewhat with Clinton on this, but it is interesting that they partly based their conclusion on the fact that Clinton's record can't be used to comprehend her position on NAFTA. So much for Hillary's claim that we can judge her on her record and experience. If she doesn't have a clear position on free trade agreements, does she have a clear position on anything?
Again from the same Factcheck website, Hillary wants us to know that Obama supporters should be ashamed of themselves if they believe that Hillary's health care plan would mandate people to buy health insurance. Good Lord Hillary! Isn't it clear that that's how you intend to reach 100% compliance? It's not like anyone is dumb enough to think your plan wouldn't include paying for that insurance with taxpayer money for those below some threshold income. We aren't stupid, Hillary. But aren't you suggesting that anyone over that low-income threshold should be forced by law to purchase health insurance? Hasn't that been your position on this? If so, why not stand on your policy? Why try to confuse the electorate?
Now you have a 5-point campaign to belittle Obama and his support?
You say Obama doesn't have foreign policy experience? You compare Obama to GW Bush in this regard? Well let me ask you, did Dick Cheney have foreign policy experience? Did Donald Rumsfeld? Did Condoleezza Rice? Clearly they all did yet here we are in this big mess. The problem isn't that the Bush White House lacked foreign policy experience. The problem is that the Bush policy was the natural outcome from decades of American military hegemony. We think we are the all-powerful good guys. We ignore our own greed and our own dependence on foreign oil. The result? George Bush and Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice. Now you come along, Hillary, and try to convince us that what we really need is eight years of you while you turn the hands of time back to where they were in 2000? Well excuse my disgraceful self for not voting for you!
A vote for Hillary is a vote for more Karl Rove politics. That's what I'm beginning to believe. Your campaign stinks.
But here's the thing. Obama should be ignoring Hillary and he isn't. He is reacting and Hillary is using his reactions against him. Hillary is using tactics familiar to some Mainers. Susan Collins campaigns this way. She uses dirty politics to paint herself white while pointing the finger of shame at her opponent whenever he does anything she feels threatened by.
Obama has so far been able to keep himself out of the pigpen. Let's hope he sees this for what it is and joins our laughter rather than Hillary's supporters' fear. Oh, and when you demean Obama's message of hope, Hillary, just go stick your sickening rhetoric up some sour old hole, you bitch.


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