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Monday, March 17, 2008

Personal Attack Defined

A spokesperson of the Clinton campaign team has defined what it means to be negative in a campaign with a "personal attack". Read the evidence in the Los Angeles Times.
When asked whether the Obama campaign's request for tax information was what the Clinton team considered a personal attack, Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said: "When you accuse somebody of being disingenuous and question their integrity and their honesty, as they are doing, that constitutes a personal attack."
Of course, the Clinton campaign would never engage in anything like that! Heavens no! They play clean! They just slip the evidence out to the media and let the media do their dirty work.
Then again, by accusing the Obama campaign of accusing Hillary of being disingenuous, of questioning her integrity and her honesty, aren't they questioning Obama's integrity and honesty? Aren't they accusing Obama of being disingenuous? Doesn't that constitute a personal attack by the very definition given by the Clinton campaign? What, are they too simple-minded to see this? Or is it the electorate that the Clinton campaign thinks is simple-minded?
Op! There I go! A personal attack by their definition!! Forgive me!!


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