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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Victim President

All of a sudden everything seems to be about victims. Ever since 9/11, Americans have identified themselves as the victims of Islamic terrorism just as the Jews were victims of anti-Semitism. Now we have three candidates for President of the United States and all three are where they are because people identify them as victims.
John McCain has right from the start of his political career been identified as a POW, a prisoner of the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. He was shot down, injured, denied access to American medical care, then kept in cages, tortured, imprisoned for being in the US military. He was an American hero because he was a victim.
Barak Obama is, of course, the victim of racism in America by virtue of the fact that his father was black so Obama's skin is "colored." There's nothing he can do to change that. Being black doesn't necessarily make him a hero, although being black and facing up to racism and overcoming it certainly makes him a hero in my book. Geraldine Ferraro suggested Obama is where he is today because he is Black.
But Hillary Clinton is also the victim. She is the strong-willed silent suffering woman married to the womanizer. These women suffer in silence. As Chelsea keeps pointing out, Hillary's victimization is none of our business. Women who are victims by virtue of their marriage suffer in silence and we all know it. Hillary is a hero to women because she has remained strong through all of her suffering and humiliation.
There's a blog I was reading back before the 2006 election but haven't even looked at in over a year until today called Tennessee Guerilla Women. It is openly pro-Hillary and anti-Obama. One recent video post mocked the notion of Obama as a victim. Watching this gave me the same sort of feelings I get on a particularly bad day of hearing Rush Limbaugh. But clearly this blog is saying that Hillary, not Obama, has the real claim on being the victim. She is the real hero. She is the one being trashed by white men.
I tend to agree. She is the one running as the victim here. She is the one lashing out in self-defense. She is the one whose mudslinging is considered justified because of her treatment by powerful white male politicians including her own husband. She is the one appearing strong in the face of adversity. Obama is no underprivileged Black man. We have long ago forgotten the significance of Vietnam and the POW issue. But the issue of being a woman in a man's world is still fresh. What poetic justice it is to see Bill turning gray and old and even a bit frail while Hillary, the woman, can still paint her face young and rise above it all.


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