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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Family of Dems

Yesterday I attended the Maine Democratic Party convention in Augusta as a caucus "Alternate" from my town. Attendance was apparently well above expectations so whatever the plan was for organization regarding registrations and using these Alternates to fill in for Delegates, it soon broke down. By nine in the morning the convention hall environment was in chaos.
This gave everybody an abundance of chat time and I managed to pick up on a few things.
I was talking with a small group of Hillary supporters, all ladies from my area, and they surprised me with one of their arguments for why Democrats should support Hillary. They said that if we support Obama and he wins, within a year or so he will be assassinated and that assassination would put America through a trauma that we can't afford to be going through right now.
Strangely enough, I couldn't think of a word to say in response.
That seems an awful lot like an abusive/codependent relationship to me.
Hillary supporters seemed quite concerned about Obama's church in Chicago. One lady called the church "militant" and when I asked why, she just casually said that's what it's referred to as. By whom I couldn't decipher... Hillary people, I guess.
On a lighter side, one topic that came up was Hillary Clinton's connection to a conservative D.C. prayer group for the Washington elite called "The Family." There's a book coming out this month about this group written by Jeff Sharlet that looks like a must read.


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