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Saturday, November 08, 2008


She is as innocent as Senator Stevens, if not more so! She just never did any of it! And if she did she's sending it back! It's just all those bad apples making that barrel smell. It's not her! She doesn't smell! She doesn't stink!! Oh no!!
"Ms. Palin said that her experience made her realize how brutal national politics could be." Oh really????? Gosh! And she discovered this when people were criticizing her, not when she was tossing out so may criticisms of her opponents that some in her audiences were calling for the death of her opponents? Oh, right, she never heard anyone saying anything like that. Heck, she probably didn't even hear herself being nasty! Maybe that's why she has that tinny nasal sound to her voice. She has the feedback line to her ears shut off at the source!
Ya gotta love Palin. She's amusing if nothing more. And her daughter Bristol has turned 18 according to some reports. When is she due? December? January? Won't it be wonderful when she and little Levi finally marry his dad?


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