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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Two Terrified Turkeys

Is it my imagination or has President Bush taken on something of a terrified persona? And what has become of Dick Cheney? Even here in this pre-Thanksgiving ceremony at the White House where Bush is attempting humor, he doesn't seem relaxed at all. He seems stressed, nervous, stumbling over his own script which focuses, believe it or not, on the pardon of two White House turkeys!
If I were Bush (God forbid!) I think I might be concerned about a pardon as well. I have no doubt that Bush and Cheney were hoping for a McCain/Palin victory. They didn't get one. Now their one remaining hope is that Obama's outspoken desire to sweet-talk the opposition party into cooperation leads him to overlook Bush and Cheney's many misdeeds.
What misdeeds are you referring to, some may ask. Yes some in America still see Bush as flawless. Some even go so far as to give Bush God-like powers where good is defined by what He, Bush, does. Whatever Bush says is, by definition, Right since Bush Himself is "The Decider."
I'm not that generous, as you may know.
I still haven't gotten past the 9/11 thing, the remarkable coincidence of it. You had the Project for the New American Century white papering its way out of the 20th Century about how essential it is becoming at the turn of the century for America to build up its military so we can protect our strategic energy interests in the Middle East. They state that the only thing holding us back is the American public's resistance and that this resistance will block this neo-conservative dream unless some Pearl Harbor type catastrophe hurls public opinion forward.
Next you have Bush taking over the White House and this neo-conservative PNAC dream team taking over America's offense - Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Libby, Bolton, you name it.
Then, oddly enough but conveniently, you have the new Pearl Harbor happening not even a year into Bush's presidency - 9/11.
Immediately you have the neo-conservative dream team taking the field and planning the offensive that would take over and essentially colonize the Middle East. You have dream team neo-conservative think tanks within the Pentagon coordinating with their counterparts in the Vice-President's office to feed bogus "intelligence" to the White House and the State Department as well as to the head of the Defense Department. This bogus intelligence is fed to the American people and the world and leads to the US invasion of Iraq, presumably to rid Iraq of its massive stockpile of WMDs.
Then just to put icing on the cake, you have Rumsfeld himself testifying to the 9/11 Commission that 9/11 was a "blessing in disguise." To back him up you have both Rice and Powell testifying essentially the same thing, although without the use of that term.
So you have prescience, coincidence, conspiracy, and thanksgiving. And on top of that you have an intense politicized media campaign geared to assure that we have those four things in exactly that order. Heaven forbid that we should have the conspiracy component happening prior to the miraculous coincidence that was 9/11. How unpatriotic it would be for any red-blooded American to think that was possible!
We all know that McCain and Palin would have been OK with it even if it somehow turned out that conspiracy did precede coincidence, that somehow this prescience demonstrated so clearly by PNAC's white papers actually led to some plan of action that resulted in 9/11. After all, conservatives all knew that the American public needed a jolt. Conservatives pretty much are unanimous in believing that the US invasion of the Middle East was necessary and good. Conservatives all know that the end justifies the means.
But what does it mean to have Democrats in power?


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