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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Unfortunate Resolve

For years now I have read Americablog every day, sometimes even several times a day. John Aravosis is a fellow Mainer even if he doesn't share my interest in the opposite gender.
No more.
I have decided the time has come to replace Americablog with something less focused on an agenda that just doesn't represent my thoughts and interests. Since the 2008 election, I have been noticing pictures of what appeared to me to be gay men baring inappropriate amounts of male skin as advertising. I'm not usually all that annoyed at attractive females baring their skin but I don't enjoy looking at gay men paired together in skimpy bathing suits or stubble-faced young men kissing. Thanks, John, but no thanks.
Recently Americablog defended its inappropriate advertising by saying they couldn't afford to refuse good money from advertisers.
Fine. So be it. Just count me out.
What finally nailed the coffin shut for me, though, was Americablog's sharp criticism of Barack Obama. Apparently gays are upset that the Obama administration won't be employing enough gays but will be recognizing people who are not acceptable to the gays. It has always been my opinion that Americablog was about revealing the truth about conservative politics. Now I'm not so sure. Maybe revealing that truth was simply Americablog's way of bringing down a political opponent. Maybe the truth isn't all that important to them. Maybe now there is a new opponent, a new entity in power that still doesn't meet the demands of the left-wing homosexuals.
The problem with right-wing politics is that it is reactionary. It uses hot-button issues like abortion and school prayer and gay marriage and fear of foreigners to stimulate reactions from voters. Instead of educating voters and letting them decide objectively, reactionary politics depends on illusions that create emotional responses from voters. Truth has no real meaning in that kind of politics.
My concern is that Americablog seemed to be engaging in that kind of politics, but targeting the reactionary politics at the Left. Thanks, guys, but no thanks.
So the search is on for a good replacement. Any suggestions?


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