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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free Will

There's what I have always considered to be an inconsistency in religious theology - does man have free will or does God have everything all planned, beginning to end. Free will suggests that we are generating our own thought processes as we live our lives and our decisions influence the future, we have real choices. Predestiny seems to assume that the entire creation was set in motion at the start of it all and creation can only unravel one way, the way God set it up to be from the beginning. The question in theology is how can man have free will if the entire book, start to finish, is already written?

A Big Bang

Very recently it dawned on me that maybe the answer to that question lies in the theory of the Big Bang origin of the universe. I have proposed an idea earlier about thought, how thought preceded the physical universe, that creation happens when thought imposes itself on force. Big Bang theory has it that our Universe started from a single point, that somehow all of the mass and energy of our universe was concentrated in a tiny point in space and simply exploded out from there.

Could it be possible that at the point of that explosion, every particle created was given the inertia, the momentum it would use till the very end of time? Is the book already written? If so, then what is this thing we know of as thought? Are we actually creating our thoughts or is thought simply flowing through us as we pass through time and space?

What If

What if the Big Bang really did put all of the wheels in motion, if after the first few moments of creation, the book of
Creation was written in stone, so to speak? What if all thought happened right then, during Creation and we are living the physical reality of that original thought?

What that would mean is that all of our thoughts came into being then at the moment of creation. We all know we have free will. We know that fact deep in our hearts. But what if that free will were to exist in the first moments of Creation when God's book of Truth was being composed? What if the very notion of time is the expansion and playing out of this book in physical reality? What if all of time in this universe from beginning to end has existed from the origin?

God is Dead

Unfortunately, I've been having second thoughts about that notion. As convenient as it is in answering the contradiction that free will has with destiny, I just can't buy it. I've decided that the main reason why I can't buy it is that it means that the spirit that is creative thought happened then at Creation and then ceased. God wrote the book and then for all intents and purposes left.

I Don't Buy It

God is alive and permeates Creation with spirit, with thought. This is happening now just as much as it ever has before or ever will in the future as His Creation evolves. God is still out there for us to follow. We didn't leave Him behind at the Creation, nor did He leave us. And we do have free will. Every choice we make, every thought we think, everything we cause to happen becomes written in God's Book of Truth. And there's no imaginable reason to believe otherwise, to doubt this obvious truth.

And to think, all we need to do is become conscious of this.


Blogger Garnet said...

Amen. But... it's not the last word on 'free will.' Are we not genetically predisposed to make certain choices? Hard-wired, as it were. An extreme example would be the mentally ill. Less extreme would be that we're all individually tailored to think certain ways, make certain choices... Free will, maybe.. but the deck is stacked.

8:30 PM, January 28, 2010  
Blogger Bill said...

I can certainly agree with that, Garnet. We do seem hardwired to be a certain way and to make certain kinds of choices. I've been wondering today if maybe this is what Jesus was referring to when he spoke of being born of the spirit, though. What we are born with originally is our DNA code, our destiny from physical birth. But who we are and what we think are not locked in to that code. We are spiritual beings just as much or even more so than we are physical beings.

9:17 PM, January 28, 2010  
Blogger Garnet said...

That is a good way to look at it. Indeed, Faith has made saints out of the most unlikely people.

5:52 AM, January 29, 2010  

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