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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

More Normal

I wonder if "more normal" is anything like "more perfect"? In other words I wonder if it's even possible to be more normal than normal. Or is "more normal" something less than normal but not so much less as to be abnormal? Closer to normal. Or is it just not possible to be more normal?
But listening to right-wing news and commentary today and listening to left-wing media outlets all weekend leaves me thinking that everything seems just about back to normal now, like as if Trump had actually been entitled to be President and won the election and is now the President.
Rush Limbaugh has even gone back to his usual spin saying just what you'd expect him to say about Syria and Putin, no mention of Israel, defense of United Airlines in the current scandal.
Even Alex Jones has found a way to get back to normal. I thought for a moment there that Infowars would explode, self-destruct, from Trump's obvious betrayal for the Deep State but they found just the right spin to satisfy everybody.
Nobody knows the truth.


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