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Friday, February 03, 2017

Orwellian Reich

I've watched some of the video of the riot at Berkeley the other evening where a student protest against a controversial homosexual Jewish news commentator turned violent.

Earlier today I came across this video from InfoWars where Berkeley professor Robert Reich gives instructions on how to protest against Republican hate.

So then this evening I see on a CNN interview where the very same Robert Reich tries to imply that it was not leftist Berkeley students participating in the violence but rumor has it that instead it was right wing Trump supporters.

Perhaps he's right but it seems unlikely. It seems more likely that if the instigators of violence are paid insurgents there would be a far higher likelihood they would be working for the kind of people who instigated the riots in the Ukraine in 2014. I was reading that Soros had something (major) to do with those? Maybe? Google it.

But hey, maybe it was Russian infiltrators at Berkeley, eh? Maybe the Russians instigated the 2014 riots in the Ukraine too just to get the Ukrainian people to overthrow their Russian-friendly government and cozy up to European interests instead. Now there's an Orwellian idea if there ever was one. Blame everything on those nasty Russians.

I never did like Reich much but I can't imagine wasting good tuition money on him. The word sniveling comes to mind, not sure why. Imagine spending semesters listening to whiny nasal leftist revolutionary bullshit. But I'm sure none of his admirers see him through that distorted lens.
Me bad.

Update 2/6/17
I heard something online about outsiders dressed in black Ninja-like outfits instigating the violence. I'm sure once those Ninja folks arrived all the good Leftist Berkeley student protestors saw the light and ended their own foolish behavior. Yes? No?
Kids these days, like a bunch of brainwashed infants.
Wake up little children. Time to go to school to learn how to conform. No independent thinking allowed in your narrow left-wing ideals.

Update 2/7/17
A message to all you indignant Nazi-hate loving leftist protesters...

Trump, Hitler, and the Millennial Hero Complex


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