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Friday, February 09, 2018

Trolling the 2018 Olympics

I was thinking this morning what better way to pass the time while I'm housebound this time of the year than watching some of the Olympics.

Right now I'm watching a video introducing the 2018 Olympics and it's a spectacular video.

I was just listening to another YouTube video, watching other videos but listening to this enormously negative prelude by god knows who to the very same magical events, the fear facets. Amazing contrast.

So I hope I'll often be in the mood to be watching this year's Olympics, unique in that it is in Korea this winter, the South side. The location looks spectacular and they're all saying how cold it is over there right now. Cold is a good thing for winter Olympics. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

Also getting to me more unique every year is the amount and quality of the coverage online. That turns it into sort of a learning experience if you're new to these athletics and athletes. Maybe I could make it like attending university somewhere where I get a good look inside the learning environment and the people involved in the events.

Dahhhhh... Nahhhhhh Probably not. I'd rather be outside in the cold.


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