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Friday, August 24, 2018

The Eye of the Elephant

So I wrote about the Eye of the Elephant back on August 4 and said I'd have to go check it out for myself. My wife and I were up for an adventure a week ago last Monday so we did that hike the hard way but landed squarely at the site where the boulder came to rest. My wife was impressed with my navigation skills but I'll tell you what, I made the hike a lot tougher than it needed to be. Next time, Bill, use the first turnout on the Horseshoe Pond road where that other Subaru was parked, not the third.
 A picture is worth a thousand words so they say. Here, in my first ever attempt to put a picture in this journal, are a few thousand words worth of pictures.

That sure isn't the kind of place you feel relaxed about hanging out in. Makes you wonder what else might be hanging out up above now that all the trees have been bowled out of the way.


Blogger Jill Sydnor said...

I absolutely loved the story about your trip up the mountain. I had seen a photo of this boulder on facebook, but did not truly realize how big it was until I saw you standing next to it!!!

9:29 PM, August 25, 2018  

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