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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Vote Season

It's vote season again, no holiday but just the same, time for crazy to rule the land. The midterm elections (2018) are nearing.
What does that mean for us common folk?
I can't seem to look anywhere now without being blasted by propaganda masquerading as "news".
I guess you could call it fake news season except that the fake news cycle from the left has been going on since the last election cycle when the left LOST!!!
There was a period of time after the pro-Trump conservative Republican victory two years ago that it seemed to me that the Left media was so far removed from reality, so heavily dependent on their lies, that all conservative media needed to do was tell the truth and Americans would naturally gravitate to their view of reality. And for quite awhile that was what seemed to be happening. Politics was taking a back seat to truth.
I'm not saying the Left has stopped lying. Far from it. The leftist media is awash in their lies, drowning in them. But conservative media, not just Fox but basically all large conservative voices, seem to have abandoned the notion that the truth will set us free and have been busy reacting to the leftist nonsense with nonsense of their own.
Take for instance today's headline news that Iran has all of a sudden come out with a new fighter jet that threatens Washington somehow. Videos that I've seen show a fighter jet virtually identical to the American T-38 which is the training version of the F-5 which has been around since the 1960's. Word has it that Iran had some left over F-5's from the Jimmy Carter era but Vietnam inherited a bunch of F-5's when the US scrambled to pull out at the end of the US Vietnam War back in the mid-1970's.
So why all of a sudden is this so-called all-new home brewed Iranian fighter such a big deal and why is such a short-range airplane a threat to Washington when Iran doesn't have carriers to carry it to the Western Hemisphere? I don't know. I can't explain it. I guess it must be meant to induce fear in American voters and persuade them to vote for pro-Israel, anti-Iran politicians maybe?
Fox News isn't even reporting on the farce. They're toting the same threat to Washington line the mainstream media is toting.
This is a decades-old lightweight short-range fighter jet capable of a top speed slightly over the sound barrier. It's not stealth. It's not a threat to the United States. Yes a Kamikaze Iranian pilot might be able to fly one to Israel but it wouldn't be the first time Iran had that capability.
So why the media panic today and more importantly why the silence about this being a US fighter plane?
Have you heard the other one this morning? Russia is using hackers to target conservative think tanks? This what, justifies the Left's crackdown on conservative media? Silence the Right! Right? Fear Russia! Vote neoconservative! Or is it "Vote Socialist"? I can't seem to tell the difference anymore. Are we trying to empower Israel or Communism? The truth is nowhere in sight.
Politics has assigned a new word for "truth" this year - "Q".
It's Vote Season!


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