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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Early to Bed

Well I might need to go to bed early. This afternoon the sun came out and it warmed right up, maybe to 50 or 55 who knows but the sun was baking by around two o'clock. I'd had no energy at all this morning. It was another cold drab day till noon or so.
I went to the bike shop downtown and got a tube for FatBoy. After I'd given him new sneakers his rear tire kept going flat so today was fix that problem day. Then it was I want to go for a bike ride! So I started off slow, didn't know how far I'd go but it stayed nice and I wound up biking around the 5-mile square including a side trip to the airport.
FatBoy is acting strange with its new tires. They do this snake thing when they tilt to one side or the other and it doesn't take much tilting for them to do it. They pull the steering towards whichever side they are tilted to and that is extremely annoying on a road with a side slope and there's a fair amount of paved road right now that tilts towards the ditch both sides of the road.
Other than that the ride was awesome fun for my first ride of the year. After that ride, though, I might just go to bed early.

I've been spending small amounts of my time attempting to learn Davinci Resolve. I have the free version. It's a powerful video editing application that you can download for free. I just discovered the manual it comes with which has over 1,300 pages. I'm on page 16. There are good videos on YouTube about it too. It's been a long time since I attempted to learn a new application this powerful. Actually it's a first. This is a professional tool used for commercial video. I just want something to do with my video in my spare time. It will render YouTube 720p video if you wish or render high grade video or even DVD video. So we'll see what becomes of this new hobby.

It's still basically mud season here in this part of Maine. The water is high in most of the streams and anywhere else that water flows in spring. Anywhere off-road is wet. Lots of mud.
The other day I was thinking the term mud season tarnishes the good reputation of the word "spring". But really, our "spring" gets split in half. Once winter does let up, mud season kicks in and when that's finally all over and all the frost has left the ground and the mud has all dried up then it's blackfly season and that gets over just in time for the start of summer.
The worst part is that WE HERE ALL KNOW THIS! It's a fact of life here. It's as regular and predictable as snow in winter and fun in summer.


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