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Sunday, April 08, 2018

FatBoy Gets New Shoes

My FatBoy bicycle got some new shoes this past week. His original tires were Specialized Ground Control 26X4.6 inches. I've been wanting to put on some road tires for summer riding so I bought a pair of Origin 8 Supercell 26X4.0 inches. It's been too cold for me to want to ride but I've tried it out and the new tires have not only made the bike easier to pedal, they've made it safer because the bike is so much quieter on pavement. I rode it on light snow this morning and there was no problem until I slipped on the side of a frozen rut. But bring on Summer. FatBoy and I are ready!

Oh and I got new shoes too recently. I have feet that are hard to fit even with size 13. The pads beside my big toes rub on most shoes I try on. But I was on my way to the dentist when I realized I hadn't brought along my boating shoes. I had on my old stinky Sorel felt lines. So I stopped in Guilford and wound up wearing a new pair of walking shoes that look just like running shoes. Go figure. I'll fit FatBoy's toe clips for these riding shoes.

I've been camera shopping online for the past few weeks. I actually ordered a Canon EOS 80D with the Video Creator Kit and an extra lens but the order was cancelled for some reason so I never did get that. Now I've narrowed it down to something like two or three cameras and some Sony camcorders. The Canon camcorder that interests me costs too much. But there are three Sony camcorders that are of interest. There's the 405, the 53, and the 700. But today I am sold on the Canon G5 mirrorless camera. It may not be the best video camera but it seems to be a good video camera. It even seemed to have good in-camera sound. Plus it has awesome manual controls and it takes really prizewinning photos, a Canon characteristic that I've noticed before. Sony just doesn't have that look. But I do like the size and features of the Sony 405 and the somewhat larger but still compact 53. I am amazed by the image stabilization in video with those Sony camcorders. I have learned that Sony builds the image sensors for a lot of the current consumer cameras.
So what's so special about the Canon G5, I don't know. But I do like it a lot this particular day in time.

Speaking of days in time, we have been spending our days recently in extended winter. Our nights have been well below the freezing point, ten or more below Celcius, which translates to around thirteen degrees. 11 one morning... April started eight days ago.
The good news is that by mid-week this week we should be back into maple sapping weather. I was looking at world temperatures on the windy dot com website and we are being skimmed by a significant amount of cold air trapped up north. The rest of the world is HOT!

Come to Maine for the bouquet of fresh spring snow but wait maybe another week or two.


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