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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Manna from Heaven

So what would you call it if you grew sprouts from hemp seeds, you know the way you can grow alfalfa sprouts or bean sprouts or god knows how many other edible sprouts, but hemp sprouts and then you pressed or rolled them flat maybe and then let this concoction dry till it's crispy dry, and then put it in a sack or bag of some sort for storage and distribution to a population of people?

Hemp if you have forgotten references the cannabis plant.
Cannabis is known throughout the modern English speaking world as marijuana or as "pot".
Pot smokers from days past remember how many of them there used to be and how irritating all those seeds used to be so let's just say there can be a lot of seeds in even a small bud of marijuana. Pot smokers from days past also know that you could pick the seeds out from these fertile buds and plant them and they would sprout.

Recent generations of prohibitionists in their fervor to spread "refer madness" have, driven by the fear of pot's psychoactive effects, dug a very deep hole using the legislative, executive, and judicial powers of federal, state, and local government here in the "land of the free" to dig a very deep hole and attempt to bury all things hemp even including the very thought of it for all time. But history prevailed and slowly Western civilization is once again awakening to the potential uses of hemp including its nutritional value. Don't forget that the fiber of hemp stocks has for eons been woven not just into clothing but also into rope. No doubt they used hemp rope back in the days of all those ancient stone temples.

But I digress, don't I?

So ok let's suppose we can make a dry lightweight durable food staple from sprouted hemp seeds. Would we be the first to ever do such a thing?

Yeah Bill, so what? What's the "Manna from Heaven deal? How does that play in?

Well here's where you need faith. Actually you need a leap of faith. Faith is the belief in that which you know by experience couldn't possibly be true.

It is my belief that the "refer madness" guys have over the ages suppressed the knowledge that the psychoactive properties of hemp are divine. Said another way, those in monotheistic religions who rise above and beyond the norm of everyday humanity - the priests and prophets and kings - would be quite familiar with those very same psychoactive properties, not just in recent decades but in ancient civilizations who thrived eons ago. My generation claims that smoking pot gets people "high". We all know and have known for a long time that God sits "on high". Same high. The burning bush? Divine inspiration? God Himself spoke to Moses from the burning bush. Smoking pot gets you high. It can be divine!

So God lives in pot and in Heaven and smoking hemp is heavenly, divine. So making a special survival staple from hemp could - to avoid the refer madness fanatics who want the God experience all to themselves - be termed as manna from heaven, food from this heavenly plant that grows so profusely in the mountains.

I mean, you know, as usual, just one man's opinion. A leap of faith so to speak.


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