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Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Women in White

I stayed up till about 10:30 last night watching the State of the Union address by President Trump. Even before Trump entered I was aware of Nancy Polosi, majority leader of the House, dressed in glaring white. Later on, during Trump's speech, the cameras started working the floor of the house and it was evident that a large group of women on the Left had joined forces with their leader in solidarity in their white attire. For most of Trump's speech they all sat stone-faced in opposition to Trump's words.
While the white attire was supposed to be symbolic of the Women's Suffrage movement, it came across to me more like white women against Trump. While it's not OK to be a white male in America anymore, it's perfectly fine to be white if you are a woman. In fact, white women represent the new majority power in this country. I'm guessing that was the true meaning of the symbolism evident on the House floor last night, although you'd never get anybody to admit it.
In any case, Trump being Trump, there was a moment in Trump's address where women were compelled by simple human decency to give up their childish stone-faced socialistic stance and join in the celebration of being American.
Courtesy of the New York Times:
Women in White Give Themselves Standing Ovation

Of course the mainstream media went sleepless last night figuring ways to invalidate this moment of American solidarity.


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