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Saturday, August 06, 2005

No Prophet

I'm no prophet, but with public support for Bush's war in Iraq tanking, I'm thinking something big has got to happen. I suppose as long as he still has the support of Congress, and it appears that he pretty much does, probably that's all that's necessary to continue with this agenda, but how low can the polls continue sagging before Congress begins to get the message?
Sometimes I momentarily tune in to Public Radio. Today I happened to catch a trivia bit on "What Do You Know" that there are no horses on Bush's Texas ranch. Imagine that... But a day or two back I heard a guy, an American professor or something like that, who was apparently connected to the CPA government in Iraq and is on the Hoover Institution saying that it was only in the past few days that he had realized that the Bush Administration's agenda includes permanent military bases in Iraq from which the US can further it's military interests to promote US hegemony in that part of the world. Wow, huh? Like this is late breaking news?
Remember when so many yards had yellow ribbons out on display out near the road, maybe on a tree or on the mailbox or on telephone poles? Then after many many months they all got faded out by the sun and the rain when the troops didn't come home the way we were expecting they would? Then almost two years ago those magnetic yellow "Support the Troops" plastic magnets started showing up on the backs of all those patriotic American cars and trucks and SUVs, remember? Those things don't seem to fade, do they? They're easy to find, pretty cheap to buy, and easy to put on. But it has always puzzled me that some folks think it is possible to support the troops when you don't support what the troops are doing. It always seemed to say to me, "Support the Troops and Support George's War."
There are millions of young chicken hawks who preach support but would never in a million years volunteer to fight in Iraq...
Cowards, every one of them.
There are lard-ass talk show hosts preaching hatred to a willing audience of people who seem to find it impossible to come up with original thoughts of their own so they waste countless hours every week listening to these preachers, and then, if they do speak out, mimic the current conservative talking points as though they were the first people ever to think of them. Of course, as soon as the talking points change, the hatred-spewing hosts and their flocks all seem to change their minds at the same time.
There are the right-wing Christians bickering amongst themselves, the norm for right-wing Christians in my experience with them.
But eventually the fading tide of support for this war will actually force politics to deal with changing public opinion, unless we have another 9/11 type of event. Again, I'm no prophet, but the terrorists have pretty much always acted (as if) on cue whenever the Bush people needed some public support. What will it be this time? Any guesses?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on Bill!England started to balk on Iraq so they needed a nasty little reminder not to dis bush.Amazingly the Americans didn't freak,take that back ,congress did by renewing the UnPatriot Act.Since the Islamist religions purists can defy all teachings of the Koran by killing other followers of Islam and further distroy their credibility by bombing the Mosques & killing Imams which goes against all the sacred teachings,they might very well attack the Anti-War protests scheduled next month,considering they always act in their own worst interests.On a aside,maybe it's time for the Anthrax or maybe this time Smallpox killers to resurface in the Chicago subways right under the Federal Courthouse where the V.Plame-Wilson Grand jury meets.Thanks for your insights.
Another no profit,er,Prophet Bill-we're everywhere,we're everywhere !!!

3:54 AM, August 07, 2005  
Blogger Bill said...

I have no idea how to respond....
But attacking an anti-war protest seems to be a little bit too obvious. I don't think it would win Bush any support at all other than the right-wingers who are already in his camp.
And attacking the Plame hearings seems to be something that would draw the interests toward that case, not away from it. The London incidents drew American attention away from this Karl Rove case.
Doesn't the end result of terrorism need to benefit Bush? Isn't that how it has been going ever since 9/11? Remember Rumsfeld's "blessing in disguise" comment? Isn't that what we should expect from al Qaeda?
So the question is, what can these terrorist guys do that would not be too obvious and would not draw negative attention to the Bush White House but would, like 9/11, get the American people fired up to stand behind Bush while he continues to "strike back" at the Middle East? A prophet would know the answer to this question.

7:21 AM, August 08, 2005  

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