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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Just Imagine

George W. Bush is sure making it easy for the conspiracy theory guys. For quite some time now I've been noticing that if you have some notion of how this new Republican version of government works, this new "K-Street Project" democracy of ours combined with neo-con militarism, then it's pretty easy to come up with conspiracy theories which if ever researched truthfully will pan out to be pure gold.
Today's news offers two cases in point.
One is a March 2 New York Times article that documents data concerning federal government mine safety law enforcement delinquency under Bush's presidency. If you claim that this couldn't have been foreseen, you're as full of it as was George Bush when he claimed the size of Hurricane Katrina and the potential for it to breach New Orleans's levies wasn't foreseen, the topic of the second news article today proving my thesis.
Long before these news stories came out, people willing to think critically realized the possibility and the probability of these things being true, the probability that Bush was lying to cover up Republican responsibility for these disasters. As long as the federal government is able to keep information out of the hands of the public, Republicans feel comfortable hiding their responsibility behind a smokescrean of denials.
Unfortunately these aren't isolated incidents. Must I remind you of Iraq's huge stockpiles of "weapons of mass murder" and Saddam's links to al-Qaeda? Need I remind you of Abu Graib, whose cover-up sent soldiers, not their commanders, to prison to satisfy the American public? What about the secret torture prisons, warantless spying on American citizens, extraordinary rendition of innocent people to foreign torture prisons, foreknowledge of 9/11? What about election fraud, the Diebold thing, the Tom DeLay thing, Jack Abramof and the sale of Republican influence to corporations, port security and the Dubai thing? The list goes on and on and on. In every case you have truth hidden by the administration and a smokescrean of lies to mask Republican responsibility.
It seems that all a conspiracy theorist has to do these days is imagine the possible and then go look for it and they will find dedicated Republicans doing it. One of my favorite bloggers today said something I've been saying for awhile. If you voted Republican, you voted for all this stuff. When those Abu Graib pictures came out, you voted for it. When the Twin Towers fell, you voted for it. When you watched the families of those miners crying on your televisions, you voted for it. When you saw pictures of dead bodies floating around in New Orleans and then decaying as the flood waters receded, you voted for it. You own it. It's because of you that these things are happening. It's because of you that the entire Middle East is now sinking into what could easily become a never-ending war. You own it. You voted for it.
Just imagine...


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