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Saturday, June 07, 2008

O Puppet Strings

No, not Oprah...
I was just a bit unnerved by hearing small portions of Obama's presentation to AIPAC this week. AIPAC is the pro-Israel Jewish-American political action committee, certainly the strongest arm of Israel in American politics. AIPAC, though its apologists deny it, is one of the great puppeteers of the leaders in American government. It has strong connections with the purse strings of American political campaigns and has an extremely strong voice both in and over the mainstream media. When they suggest a politician do or say something, that political had better comply or else.
So I was unnerved by seeing Obama dangling on AIPAC's puppet strings this week. The video of his speech is on YouTube.
I can't seem to get a permalink to the article but today's Washington Monthly has a discussion of McCain and presidential powers. Seems McCain has flip-flopped a bit on his position. But the article ended with a boston.com link to a questionnaire answered by Obama on presidential powers. Some of his responses focus on how Obama views Bush's tactics in the Middle East. At least Obama doesn't appear to put Israel's interests above the U.S. Constitution the way Bush has been doing.
Whenever a U.S. President or a presidential candidate speaks as though Israel is our number one priority, I get concerned. Israel is Israel. The United States is the United States. Our best interests are not dictated by what is best for Israel, or at least that isn't the way it should be. Obama's AIPAC speech leaves me wondering. What is it with Israel and American politicians? Is it just the money or are they afraid of something else? Do Jews really have that much control over our country? I don't contest Israel's right to struggle for their existence. I contest their right to dictate to America. I don't contest the Holocaust, but I contest the right of the Jews to claim the high ground as victims. Let Israel be Israel. But sever the puppet strings with American politicians - somehow - before it's too late.


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