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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Energy Crisis

It's official now. Republican senator and candidate for president John McCain spoke yesterday of the "energy crisis." I don't know why he chose to speak of the oil price balloon that way, but he did. The problem isn't in our over- consumption of oil. The problem isn't that America's overbearing foreign policy has destabilized relations with the oil-producing countries and has led to destabilized prices on the futures market. The problem isn't the weakened U.S. dollar, the rapidly expanding national debt, or even the accelerating balance of trade deficit. No, the problem is that America is choking off it's own oil resources. The problem is that we aren't increasing our own oil production and consumption fast enough.
The problem according to McCain and other Republicans is that we aren't consuming enough oil because we don't have as much oil as we'd like to have.
Simple-minded or what!


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