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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hot Topic

So this is a pretty hot topic, or so it appears. I picked it up at And, yes, I DO take it personally. Now I wasn't born yesterday. I know how protective the political Right is of the Bush/Cheney regime. But this story could just blow up in their face. This could become a hot topic. As anyone who has come to the realization that things aren't what they appear to be down there in Washington knows, death threats issued from the public right-wing talk machine against the lives of those trying to spread what they know is the truth is as low as it goes. If the right-wing media are allowed to do this with no repercussions, this country is in deep trouble.
To make things worse, this involves the adopted son of President Ronald Reagan who has his own Radio America talk show.
So if this is still on YouTube, check out these videos:
President's Son Issues Murder Contract
President's Son Solicits MURDER


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