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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hostage Rescue

I don't know....... That hostage rescue down in Colombia just doesn't add up. But the thing is, I'm so suspicious of the American government and of our "conservative" political relationship with the conservative Colombian government that maybe it's just my bias that's the problem. But John McCain just happened (despite the critics) to make a two-day visit to Colombia and was there the very same day as the "rescue." And now this:
There's this YouTube video of the rescue mission that really makes me wonder. What was that talk of a 20 million ransom? Am I just being oversensitive? And what has become of the Americans who were rescued? Why aren't they prominently in the media the way Ms Betancourt is? Does the American media suddenly have no interest in American hostages? And what is it that the Spanish-speaking hostage is saying to the cameraman when they run into technical difficulties with their equipment and edit out a segment? And what does he say later on? What's his complaint? And what does the interpreter mean when (at 5:34 in the video) he says, "We are not allowed to broadcast this" and "So the... all the equipment got disconnected. It was not on purpose"? Say what?
The complainer claims he was a member of the Colombian Army and has been a hostage for the past 10 years. When he first appears in the video his hands are not tied. The video shows the hands of the hostages getting tied while they stand waiting for the helicopter to arrive. My bias sets in when I try to figure out what that Colombian guy is trying to say and to whom he is speaking. At first I thought he was just taking advantage of being in front of a camera, just voicing some complaints. But why does the Colombian government then censor the film?
You see, what I am afraid of and what any even dim-witted conspiracy theorist like me would conclude, is that there's only one way to fit all the pieces together. Talk of a 20 million dollar ransom (23 seconds into this video) and here, and here, and here... McCain just happens to be in Colombia that same day, with his shadow even, Joe Lieberman... the hostages aren't tied up until the camera is on them... this Colombian hostage complaining as though he were speaking to a Colombian official... the American hostages nowhere in the media even two days after the rescue... You do the math and add all this up to make sense.
This, maybe?


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