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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Presidential War Strategies

Everyone now seems to be saying that McCain and Obama both are just continuing in Bush's footsteps with respect to the Iraq War. No? Have a look...
But I disagree.
The American media has been strangling itself ever since America went into Iraq in 2003. How so? Because the media served as the propaganda arm of the White House and forced itself to maintain the illusion that the troops would be coming home. On the night of the first attack, President Bush came before the media and ended his speech by promising that the troops would come home once the job was done.
This was a lie because Bush knew then and knows now that there was never any intent to withdraw from Iraq. The plan then and the plan now was to maintain a strong US military presence in Iraq and use American bases in Iraq to strike our Middle East enemies. That was the plan going in because that was the plan proposed years before by the architects of the Iraq War.
Yet the American media never reported this to us. They knew we were constructing these permanent military bases, but they didn't report on that to the American people because they were committed to maintaining the illusion that our troops were coming home. Americans supported the war but not the permanent nature of the White House's military plans for Iraq.
The result was the Bush strategy in Iraq. The Bush strategy was to go ahead and build this permanent ("enduring") military infrastructure but to mask it by maintaining the war. The war was Bush's whitewash, his cover, and it was important to maintain the fighting so the American people would maintain their support.
John McCain has another strategy. His one criticism of Bush is that Bush didn't commit enough troops to Iraq to win the war. McCain wants to "win" the war. Bush has always needed to maintain the war but McCain wants to win it. Yes McCain wants to keep the troops in Iraq, just as Bush and the neo-conservatives want, but McCain says we can do that even after we have won the war. It isn't necessary to keep the war going to maintain the support of the American taxpayer. America is prepared now to support a permanent American military in Iraq. It isn't important to Americans anymore to "bring the troops home."
Barak Obama has yet another strategy. He wants to win the war and bring the troops home. In fact, Obama is convinced that America already won the war. Obama believes that it is the presence of the American military and the unpopular Bush strategy that is causing the continuing insurgence. Obama believes that the pressure for war will ease once it becomes clear that America is withdrawing the troops.
Yet the American media cannot report these differences to the American people. The function of the American media is to create a hodgepodge of false views about the war and the candidates in order to maintain the Bush propaganda shield.


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People should read this.

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