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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Now here's something I can agree with:

Monday, October 24, 2005


I watched CBS News this evening and was surprised to hear a new theory concerning the White House Plamegate scandal. It seems now that there are rumors circulating (source unknown and apparently unneeded) that there is a Mr. X involved in the release of Valerie Plame's name to the media, the theory being that if Mr. X isn't prosecuted, nobody else should be either. My initial response was I wonder whatever happened to responsible journalism at CBS. Perhaps this is payback for Rathergate.
But then I realized that there was a second possibility. There is a phantom operating among us. I saw his picture in the paper the other day when I was standing at the checkout counter in a store in a nearby town waiting for my wife to write a check for groceries and then be told that personal checks aren't accepted except from locals. The picture looked familiar, but then again it didn't, so I read the headline and low and behold it was the Phantom of Iraq, Zarqawi, but he had taken on a whole new look. He was westernized. He was wearing a western-style white shirt and large-framed glasses, no hat but a slightly receding hairline and strangely enough, the very same facial expression that he had on his one other ever in history picture. By the looks of it, Mr. Zarqawi must have taken a position as a respected university professor somewhere in the Western World, or at least that's what he looked like in the picture.
It wasn't until just this evening that I realized why he looked so familiar. I see his look-alike every time I log in to Juan Cole's blog at Informed Comment: http://www.juancole.com/
Putting 2 and 2 together, I realized that perhaps the Phantom of Iraq is also the Phantom of the White House, the illustrious new Mr. X and that CBS really wasn't taking a quantum leap after all since CBS is one of the primary voices for Zarqawi-hating propaganda just as the New York Times was a primary voice of pre-Iraq War propaganda regarding WMDs. It's hard to find the links sometimes, but the world really does make sense if you study all the possibilities.
I needed to get my truck inspected today so I took it to a local garage late this afternoon. While I was waiting I was watching CNN coverage of Hurricane Wilma's hit on Florida, but there was something odd about the coverage. In the end, I realized that what I had seen was a shameless ten or fifteen minute plug for Jeb Bush for President in '08! Is there no end to all this MainStream Media political propaganda nonsense??????? Is that our fate now in the media? Is reality really up for sale to the highest bidder?

Division by 2

Last night I came across a blog post about Brent Scowcroft, former National Security Advisor for the first President Bush back during the Gulf War of 1991. Scowcroft has opposed the Bush II Middle East War from the time of the Iraq invasion. As with many others in Washington and around the world, he felt that the Iraq invasion sidetracked the War on Terror.
I almost lost this link, but here's the article referenced in the blog that I was reading:
That article references an article in The New Yorker, October 31, 2005 issue, in which author Jeffrey Goldberg interviews Scowcroft. An online interview with the article's author appears here:
I find it interesting that Goldberg refers to the Pentagon's Iraq War planner Paul Wolfowitz, now head of the World Bank, this way: "Paul Wolfowitz, on the other hand, is a liberal, but a liberal who believes that transformation can be brought about by force, not just persuasion." This fact has been well documented in liberal cyberspace. Could it possibly be that conservatives are beginning to catch on? Is there any mention of this neoconservative/non-neoconservative split in the party on conservative talk radio yet?
Scowcroft's criticisms aren't new. Another article appears in the Washington Post from a year ago:
But are conservatives now beginning to listen? It must be painful in a culture dominated by loyalty to George W. Bush for conservatives to see their emperor with his pants down around his ankles. As for me, though, I'm more concerned with why Cheney and Rove and Card and Libby and Rumsfeld and Guckert and Bartlett and Gonzales and Miers and even Rice are on their knees in that metaphor... It must be something in the culture. Probably something left over from the Clinton years in the Oval Office?
Clearly there is developing a split in the Republican Party, one side still loyal to the Bush White House, the other side cautiously realizing that such loyalty almost certainly will spell political suicide. I attended a Democratic party fund-raiser this weekend at which Howard Dean was the keynote speaker. It amazes me now to see someone like Scowcroft whose views on Iraq are almost indistinguishable from those of Dean. If the Republicans do split and shed their emperor, I don't think that will bode well for the Democratic Party next year. But if they again rally around Bush, I think what I heard at this rally has a good chance of becoming true. 2006 will be an interesting year in American politics.
Rumors are flying around that Bush isn't a happy camper at the moment. I can't imagine why, can you?

More Needed

If there is any truth to this story out of England, then it is clear that more is needed in Iraq if the Bush victory is ever to happen. In fact, it would appear that US and British troops now need to kill at least 65% of the civilian population in Iraq. Using the words of Bill Bennett, "That would be an impossible, ridiculous, and morally reprehensible thing to do, but" how else can the insurgency be defeated?
Secret MoD poll: Iraqis support attacks on British troops
How am I doing Mike? Am I walking in conservative shoes yet? Am I on the scent?