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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Are You Naked?

"Are you naked?" the lady called out through the open window of the passenger's side of the small gray SUV.
I was standing waist-deep in the now-warm waters of Wilson Pond just before sunset last night. "Yes we are." I called back, nodding over toward my wife who was head-deep in the water just out of their sight off the end of the dock. My words echoed off the shoreline. We had left our bathing suits on the dock within reach just in case someone should happen along.
"OK," she said. "We'll catch you later," she called back. She sounded more amused than offended. They drove off. My wife and I felt they had already caught us, but it didn't bother me any. I nearly called back to the lady inviting her to join us.
We were swimming at Walden's Landing on Lower Wilson Pond here in Greenville. The hot sun in the past two weeks has really warmed up the water to a point where it is refreshingly cool but yet warm enough to stay in indefinitely. This is going to be a long summer if this keeps up. I have been doing physical work around the house and farm and my wife is on the road all day, so this cool evening interlude is refreshing. There's no relaxing physical stimulation any better than skinny dipping. In fact, Bayer our dog and I had been skinny dipping earlier in the afternoon there at the landing cooling off between jobs.
We don't skinny dip if there are other people around, like during the weekend. Some Maine fishermen set up travel trailers in the parking area during the summer and inhabit them on the weekend, but those aren't even there now. The landing was abandoned.
But why did the woman use the word naked? I mean even if she didn't know the phrase skinny dipping, wouldn't nude be a more appropriate word? Naked has this tone of, I don't know, naughty, perhaps even a bit dirty? Neither of us was visibly naked. Perhaps I should have said, "No, we are just skinny dipping." Ha ha ha...
We were skinny dipping. ~Smile~
My dad ran that landing when I was young. I can still recall him telling us how great it is to skinny dip and how he used to swim in Wilson Pond with his family. That would have been his first family. I am the younger son of his second family. My half-brother Ed, the youngest of Dad's first family, now owns and operates the landing. I think I'll wait till I'm with my wife to relate this story to him.