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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I came across a new term just now. Not that it's new new, I mean, just invented, but it's new to me and even new in the sense that the Internet is still a new phenomenon. The word is "linkrot" or perhaps link rot. It refers to the way hypertext links in web pages stop working for various reasons. Some links point to web sites that are no longer available. Some links are old paths to web sites that have moved leaving behind no forwarding address. Yet others point to websites that are only available to paying subscribers.
I beg my readers to forgive me if this process is happening to my blog!

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Who Is Boss

A couple days ago I was at a birthday party for a new friend of mine, a gentleman with a couple more decades of life experience than myself. Near the party's conclusion a bunch of us, mainly of a liberal persuasion but I would say mostly also of a Christian persuasion, gathered round the living room for a lively conversation. Some of it was political although nobody was conspiring to overthrow the government. We were anything but organized! Someone kept saying, though, in the Christian tradition that we can't worry too much about the situation in the world because God is in control of everything. I asked if that is true, is God Jewish?
Yes, well.....
Sometimes it feels like we are looking at the world through a particularly Jewish, or more precisely Zionist lens. We see the world's politics the way Zionists would have us see them, everything from a perspective that protects and advances the cause of Israel. Most of the most influential public figures, especially those in the media, seem to be Jewish and they all seem to favor the advancement of Israel. They all seem to buy the propaganda against Israel's enemies, no questions asked, even in the so-called "liberal media."
Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of Iran. A December 30 article in the LA Times online allows the Iranian ambassador to the UN to defend his country against all this propaganda. For a little balance, this article might be worth reading.
It seems apparent to me that Israel doesn't consider it to be in the best interests of Israel or of Zionism for Muslim nations to thrive economically. The result is that Israeli interests conspire to make us afraid of Muslim nations.
So I ask again, if God is the one in control, is He Jewish??