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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Signing It Over

An interesting article from today's Boston Globe concerning Bush's signing of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2008. It appears that the White House has a few complaints with the bill that Bush signed into law:
1. The White House thinks it is unconstitutional for Congress to refuse funding for permanent military bases in Iraq and US control of Iraq's oil resources
2. The White House opposes increasing protections for whistleblowers connected to taxpayer supported federal contractors
3. The White House opposes a provision stating that intelligence agencies should when requested supply intelligence in a timely manner to the house and senate armed services committees unless the White House opposes the requests in writing
4. The White House questioned the constitutionality of establishing a bipartisan commission to investigate fraud in Iraq and Afghanistan contracting
All told, this adds up to a recipe for fraud and abuse of power by the Bush White House, doesn't it? Does anyone have a positive interpretation of these ridiculous "statements"?


I am saddened to see John Edwards throw in the towel today. I'm sure he has his reasons, but it's sad to see his message in defeat. I tend to agree with him that Clinton has sold out to corporate America. I'm not sure I ever bought into his message that we should all have the opportunity to become rich like him, though. I do comprehend that a lot of us will remain among the poor for life. That is no reason to disqualify us from politics or from the joy of life. Wealth isn't everything.
I fear that he is making this move for personal reasons. Time will tell. The ABC article that I linked to above mentions his wife's cancer. Let's hope this isn't the reason he's quitting.
I hope Edwards doesn't cast his support to the Clinton camp. That would be a slap in the face, wouldn't it? I saw Hillary the other evening after the South Carolina loss to Obama. She was saying that she would end the war in Iraq and bring home the troops within 60 days of her becoming president. Nobody in the media has seemed to pick up on that - surprise surprise. Since I don't trust anything she says, I don't trust that claim either. I can't imagine me voting for her in November! But I can see her getting a lot of votes from Democrats. In 2006, a lot of Maine democrats - and they are a majority - voted for Republican Olympia Snowe. Politics...
Giuliani is dropping out today too, they say. Supposedly he'll cast his support to McCain. I tuned in to Rush Limbaugh yesterday for God knows what reason! He has no use for McCain at all for some reason. Limbaugh sure has changed his tune since being forced once again by American voters into the minority. No longer does he seem to think he is within shouting distance of obliterating liberalism in America. Now he's turning the venom of his abuse back within the conservative movement. That's a nice switch! Probably won't last long.
This presidential race is really a strange one. There's only one real statesman in the race, Obama. But because of the color of his skin - which is not black - the media has focused attention to his campaign on race and not on content or leadership or his amazing oratory ability. Isn't it time we spent some time trying to figure him out or are we simply assuming the media will come through and make Hillary the champion?
What a strange year this promises to be.