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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Just Imagine

George W. Bush is sure making it easy for the conspiracy theory guys. For quite some time now I've been noticing that if you have some notion of how this new Republican version of government works, this new "K-Street Project" democracy of ours combined with neo-con militarism, then it's pretty easy to come up with conspiracy theories which if ever researched truthfully will pan out to be pure gold.
Today's news offers two cases in point.
One is a March 2 New York Times article that documents data concerning federal government mine safety law enforcement delinquency under Bush's presidency. If you claim that this couldn't have been foreseen, you're as full of it as was George Bush when he claimed the size of Hurricane Katrina and the potential for it to breach New Orleans's levies wasn't foreseen, the topic of the second news article today proving my thesis.
Long before these news stories came out, people willing to think critically realized the possibility and the probability of these things being true, the probability that Bush was lying to cover up Republican responsibility for these disasters. As long as the federal government is able to keep information out of the hands of the public, Republicans feel comfortable hiding their responsibility behind a smokescrean of denials.
Unfortunately these aren't isolated incidents. Must I remind you of Iraq's huge stockpiles of "weapons of mass murder" and Saddam's links to al-Qaeda? Need I remind you of Abu Graib, whose cover-up sent soldiers, not their commanders, to prison to satisfy the American public? What about the secret torture prisons, warantless spying on American citizens, extraordinary rendition of innocent people to foreign torture prisons, foreknowledge of 9/11? What about election fraud, the Diebold thing, the Tom DeLay thing, Jack Abramof and the sale of Republican influence to corporations, port security and the Dubai thing? The list goes on and on and on. In every case you have truth hidden by the administration and a smokescrean of lies to mask Republican responsibility.
It seems that all a conspiracy theorist has to do these days is imagine the possible and then go look for it and they will find dedicated Republicans doing it. One of my favorite bloggers today said something I've been saying for awhile. If you voted Republican, you voted for all this stuff. When those Abu Graib pictures came out, you voted for it. When the Twin Towers fell, you voted for it. When you watched the families of those miners crying on your televisions, you voted for it. When you saw pictures of dead bodies floating around in New Orleans and then decaying as the flood waters receded, you voted for it. You own it. It's because of you that these things are happening. It's because of you that the entire Middle East is now sinking into what could easily become a never-ending war. You own it. You voted for it.
Just imagine...

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ports in the Storm

I must admit I was taken aback by the news that an Arab country would be taking over six major US port terminals. I guess that makes me a racial profiler if I am to believe my cherished leader and his apologists. Now that I've had some time to think about it and read a few things about it and hear some from the experts on things like the PBS News Hour, I think I'm in a slightly better position to say this makes absolutely no sense at all to me.
Now it's not like I don't know about Globalization. I understand that. And I understand about multinational corporations and how sovereign nations (like the United States) pose a real problem for them in terms of interfering with their acquisition of the world's resources. I've written about those things on multiple occasions. I understand Bush's perspective when I think of this deal as a simple multinational corporate deal. It's all about unrestrained money and power.
But it's so "pre-9/11" to me. Handing over control of major east coast port terminals to the Arabs just has no "post-9/11" flavor to it whatsoever. And I'm pretty sure that's the reason why so many Americans feel so betrayed by Bush. Bush has been using this "You got to think post-9/11" thing for political gain for years and all of a sudden post-9/11 thinking has nothing to do with it? Why? Because this is just a business deal?
What ever became of the War on Terror and national security and Islamic fundamentalism and the threat posed by countries that have ties to the Taliban and al-Qaeda? Not only that, but is the UAE a democracy? I think nearly all of us are all of a sudden wondering these things. In fact, the only ones not wondering are the political apologists for Bush. Most Republicans even get it this time.
I expect that the deal will go through. Congress will blindly accept it just the way they usually do. All the real security concerns will remain classified behind closed doors in the White House and the Pentagon and the CIA and the DHS and a dozen or so think tanks here and around the world.
But the American people won't soon forget the betrayal.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Puppet Show

Sometimes I get the impression that American politics are just a puppet show, that we are all just characters on strings and our beliefs and actions play out some higher form of theatrics, serve some other political agenda. Recently I've discovered that that agenda's primary stage isn't United States politics at all. It's the world stage for Israel.
OK so you just blew your top about that anti-Semitic jab. How dare I say something like that and all that jazz. Cool down a second or click the Close box on this window if you can't take it. I'm exercising my right to free speech as an American citizen so if you decide to stay and read this, then relax and smile and read it with a grain of salt. Allow me that freedom.
On the Jewish political stage that I'm referring to are two major ideologies. One is liberalism. The other is conservative Zionism. Jewish liberalism has played out over the decades or centuries as socialism, communism, the American political left, and even the neo-liberal trade movement. Zionism, though, is the movement to focus Jewish power in the state of Israel through financial, industrial, and military strength. Zionism capitalizes on the Holocaust and joins forces with such political theories as the Christian end-times movement and countless ancient secret religions and organizations, the fodder for so many of the legitimate conspiracy theories. Zionism uses the political and religious divides around the world to concentrate Israel's power and importance.
By suggesting that we are merely the puppets, I am referring to the debate raging in America between the political left, the Liberals, and the political right, the Conservatives. In reality that split doesn't exist. We know we are all Americans and we are all proud defenders of the U.S. Constitution. We all believe that our armed forces exist for the defense of our nation's sovereignty, not for some imperialistic cause and not for the promotion of a New World Order of corporate power. We know that America doesn't exist to further the cause of Israeli Zionism and we know we aren't a Christian nation with a mission to bring about the apocalypse.
Yet throughout the media, and especially in conservative media, we are thrown into this raging debate whose stated goal is the elimination of liberal politics. To see the link between this American political stage and the Jewish debate, take a look at this interview with Jewish author Edward Alexander about his new book The Jewish Divide Over Israel: Accusers and Defenders. In this interview, Alexander describes the worldwide political battle between Jewish liberalism and Israeli Zionism, in the process belittling and demonizing Jewish liberalism.
That is precisely the political debate being acted out on the American political stage by non-Jewish puppets, that is, by you and me. (Forgive me for assuming that you, my reader, are not Jewish.) I am not, yet I am thrown onto this puppet-show stage and forced to confront the powers of Zionism merely to defend freedom and liberty here in the United States. As much as I don't want to be a puppet in this Jewish-dominated show, I have no choice. Somehow Zionism has come to dominate my opponent in such a way that to be a moderate American has become synonymous with being a liberal Jew and I either debate from that stage or am completely off the stage sitting in the audience, not a participant at all.
Am I complaining? I don't know. Maybe. Am I rebelling? Maybe that too. But no matter what I am doing, I'm still merely a puppet acting out a much bigger political battle that far transcends simple American politics. Do I resent it? You better believe it!