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Saturday, December 15, 2007


Al Gore has taken to saying that the earth has a fever, that global warming is a sign of sickness.
President Bush is joined by his entire administration and both parties in Congress when he says the United States doesn't torture, that we are too good to be involved in torture.
I am an American and I know that my country has adopted torture as an accepted practice.
We do torture. We are no longer "better than that."
But torture is also a sign of sickness. Those who do torture are sick with fear. When the KKK ran loose in the American South, torture was their mode of operation. Fear was their reason. Whites in societies dependent on African workers have long used torture to prevent black uprisings.
Now we Americans live in a "white" world of fear of a Muslim uprising. We use our sickness, that fear, to justify torture.
We are better than that? Certainly not under the current leadership in America. America is sick. When will we begin to admit it, face the truth, and seek healing?