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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bristol Day

Today is the day. According to her grandfather, today is the day that Bristol Palin (hopefully soon to be Johnston) is due. Strangely enough the Palin news today is filled instead with the story of Levi's mom's arrest Thursday on six felony drug charges. I guess she's out on bail now or something? No room for any news about Bristol herself. Oh well, her time will come I'm sure. Soon we will all glory in the smiling solstice baby, firstborn male of the next Palin generation.
I could be blogging on other things, I suppose. I mean it's not as though nothing else is happening. But the shoe incident in Iraq is old news now except that it looks like the shoe-tosser may be suing the Iraqi officials who beat him after his arrest. What is there about democracy and freedom of expression that this guy clearly just doesn't get?
Bush is again handing out billions like they were lollipops, this time to save union jobs. Go figure on that one! Who'd a ever thought GW Bush would be caught dead saving union jobs on his way out the door. Grampa Bush must be rolling over in his grave! But GW is an oil man. He knows what it means to have to keep the unions happy. I mean look at Sarah Palin's hubby. He was a union oilman wasn't he?... Ahhh, a steelworker... I mean among other things... like a member of an Alaskan secessionist party that strongly dislikes the US government?... or is that a myth?
Well anyway, I wish Bristol and Levi and Sherry and Sarah and the whole Alaska clan all the best this winter solstice which isn't actually today. It happens tomorrow morning, Sunday December 21, at 7:04 AM Eastern, 3:04 AM Alaskan time.
I suppose I should try to clarify something here. Reading the comments to the drug bust news in the Miami Herald, it became clear that some Republicans are taking this news personally. I mean they are behaving as though the news were some sort of an attack or smear on their pure lily-white favorite Republican, Sarah Palin. But how could anyone possibly take it that way? I mean, really, people! Get a grip! Sarah isn't the one that got caught. And aren't those troopers working for Sarah? So Sarah is the good guy here, right? Even if she isn't commenting... yet... Sarah is the Euthyphro here, the pious one.
I mean I suppose you could stretch the parental responsibility thing and wonder how such a responsible Christian full-time-and-then-some working mom could let her daughter hang out with and even be having sex with the home-schooled son of some drug-crazed (or whatever) woman. But I mean really, folks, get serious. What mother has any say in what her teenage daughter chooses to do with her life? Let Sarah off the hook here, for goodness sakes.