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Saturday, April 25, 2009

All Over Again

It's like deja vous all over again. It's like Condoleezza Rice repeating Dick Cheney talking points four years into the war. But it's a new era, a time of change we are told. Still, how can you read an article like this and not recognize the all too familiar Bush-era pattern?
How many times were we told that a small and desperate minority was lashing out because they were losing the war against powerful America in Iraq?
When was that ever true?
How would it be any different if they were actually winning the battle?
These attacks, these bombings, they aren't a sign of success. They are an attempt - always have been, always will be - to enflame one population in Iraq against another, enflame the Shiite population into war with itself, with the US, and with the Sunnis. To have these bombings continuing doesn't show that there has been or is an imminent American victory in Iraq. All it shows is that someone with money is still backing the groups responsible for this sort of warfare.
In other words, nothing has changed, not even the absent-minded official rhetoric of the US government.
This is why the American people didn't elect Hillary Clinton as President.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bags of Cats

I have been keeping mum for awhile, sitting back and observing the wheels of progress spin out of control, looking for anything that I could possibly say something meaningful about. It's amazing all the nonsense going down these days from tea parties to rumors of FEMA camps (attributed now to Obama) to Glen Beck's entertaining take on FOX News. It's amazing how quickly Republicans forgot that G.W. Bush was ever our president.
But the Republicans don't have a monopoly on nonsense.
The latest is a bag full of cats that were released this week with the Jane Harmon story. Here's a post from d-day that sums things up quite well. It seems that Jane Harmon has suddenly become an advocate of - of all things - the right to privacy!
It's in the quote from the talk she gave with Robert Siegel on NPR that I think really lets the cat out of the bag. Harman is saying it doesn't seem like it could have been a FISA wiretap because she wouldn't have talked with any foreigners about this AIPAC spy thing, only an American citizen. So Siegel asks if she might have ever spoken with an Israeli about this and instead of saying no she says she speaks with Israelis "from time to time" and has made many trips to the Middle East on government business. Wouldn't a "no" have been a better answer?... I mean, unless it would have been lying?
Reading between the lines, though, it's easy to conclude that Harman's point is that she shouldn't have been subject to all the spying and wire tapping laws she has been voting for since 9/11 because she is Jewish and she should have the freedom to conduct her government affairs with Israel and Israel's representatives without being subject to wire taps.
I mean really, who in their right mind would think that the U.S. Congress passed legislation that would treat communications with Israel the same way they would treat communications with Russia or China or even France? Aren't all Israelis virtual US citizens? It would appear that Harmon might think that way at least. How else can you explain that conversation with Siegel?