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Monday, November 09, 2009

Fort Hood Shooting

I continue to be fascinated by the Fort Hood shooting in Texas last week. The story has it that a Muslim of Palestinian descent born and raised here in the USA and educated by the Army, a Major by rank and a psychiatrist who has been treating soldiers for mental fatigue and stress related to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a man of deep Muslim faith who had himself been subjected to anti-Muslim taunting by his fellow soldiers even, finally cracked and went on a shooting rampage on-base where he was able – presumably with the help of Allah – to shoot something like 51 people, 13 of them fatally, using two personally-owned handguns over the course of several minutes and maybe even in two different locations before finally being taken down by four bullets from a civilian policewoman.

I have to admit, that is quite an accomplishment! God must be some kind of good if He enabled that!

Everyone, now including Connecticut’s Jewish (independent right-wing neocon Democrat) senator Joseph Liberman is using this event to make political hay, both on the right and on the left (but mostly on the right).

Political correctness has it that the shooter was a coward and a traitor so woe be to anyone who tries to shed any understanding on how this war on Islam could possibly cause an American soldier to snap. Instead, it is politically correct to brand this as terrorism and the proper reactionary response to terrorism (proper in a pro-Israel sense) is to lash out against Islam.

Oh yay.