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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Energy News

I came across a link on YouTube this morning and clicked to watch. The  video is of a talk given by one of the co-founders of Greenpeace. He outlines his history in Greenpeace taking his own history back to growing up in Winter Harbor, a remote village on the northwest shore of Vancouver Island off the coast of British Columbia. His name is Patrick Moore.
You've no doubt heard, even recently, that carbon dioxide threatens to destroy life as we know it, in large part because of once Vice President Al Gore's movie. We've heard that there is no debate, science now knowing all the facts we need to impede carbon consumption regardless of the impact on civilization. We've no doubt very recently heard or read that 97% of scientists are in agreement.
Then there are people like this:
Greenpeace Co-Founders Warns of Global Climate Change Scam / Global Warming Hoax !