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Monday, May 09, 2005


Back when I was first getting addicted to chat, I had a lady friend who was a Gemini by birth. I think she was true to form too since she seemed to have a second personality who would interrupt our chats, come online with me occasionally, and then turn the conversation back to the original personality. I never save chat histories, but some of the chats I had with this lady were so strange to me, I kept them on a floppy disk. Several times I have come very close to eliminating them, but I still have the disk and was browsing through one of the chats today.
We were discussing a very unusual Brazilian boyfriend that she had, a man who wrote a column of some sort online and maybe even in print, I don't actually recall. Our conversation turned toward spirit guides, what some refer to as angels. All of a sudden, she broke out in typing and wrote this to me:
Bill ....... do these.
1. Breathe easy. Slowly. Relax. Lengthen your breath .... close yr eyes and relax.
2. Clear all thoughts from your mind. All visual scenery. Everything. Just a blank room, No lines, no floors, no walls, no ceiling. Nothing.
3. Visualize this space in a neutral color.
4. Regulate your breath. Breathe from your chest up. Do not take staggered breaths. Relax. and 'float' in this 'space'.
5. Next ...... with your eyes closed, visualise yr toes in your mind. And then moving upwards throughout every entire bit of your body, I want you to instruct each part of your anatomy to relax. Beginning from your toes. Only when it is relaxed, then you move onwards. Ending at your head.
6. Next. When you have this feeling of 'nirvana' .... visualise in yr mind's 'eye' (central on your forehead slightly above your brows) a little spark. This spark or shine is a bright iridescent color ... like the star in the sky. When you have managed to focus on this glow, imagine some steam being released slowly up from the top of your head. By the time the steam has finally vanished ... you are 'floating' and 'relaxed'.
7. Go back to this spark in your 'eye.
8. Slowly, slowly see this spark expand outwards until it fills up your entire space with the brilliance of a thousand stars combined together.
9. When your 'space' is completely taken up by this stupendous glow, imagine from your source again (where the spark first started), a luminescent golden glow. Starting small, as a speck, a small dot. Then it expands slowly outwards until it takes the form of a golden globe, big enough to be contained within your 'vision'.
But not encompassing yopur entire space.
10. Maintain your breathing throuhout.
11. Next, focus on the globe. Keep all thoughts out of your mind. Eyes closed. Look with your mind's eye.
12. Slowly, whilst your gaze is still fixed on this spectral globe, visualize it slowly converting to the shape of a staircase.
13. Call your guide. With your thoughts. Call her with your heart. Keep on calling her until you know she has heard you.
14. Visualize yourself climbing up the staircase until you have reached the top.
15. At the top, call your guide again.
16. Visualize a 'door' at the top.
17. Focus on the door and reach for the handle.
18. Slowly open the door and inform your guide that you are ready to release her out.
19. When you have her answer, switch places. Let her come out and you go in. Or remain there. Whichever.
20. You stay where you are. Let your guide come forward and let her come to your throat. Give her your vocal chords.
Do you understand all this ?
Those words were not mine.
I know nothing of what I wrote.
So, if you lose this, it's gone.