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Monday, December 28, 2009

Powerful Thoughts

Just before Christmas I wrote about force, that force is the basic physical ingredient of the physical universe. I also think that thought is the basic ingredient of the spiritual. For thought to manifest itself, for it to make itself real, all it needs to do is manipulate force and the thought is manifested into physical reality.

How does this work? I wish I knew. That part hasn’t come to me yet. But two things are undeniable – that thought comes before any action is manifested and that all matter and all energy represent some form of thought, some form of reason, some reason for existence.

Putting that second assumption another way, all physical matter and all energy consist of thought, of code that represents its reasons for existence. Matter and energy are coded reason, physical memory that not just stores but consists of its own reason for existing.

Virtually any description of the higher self, of higher consciousness, describes these truths. Matter and energy speak directly to and with our higher self in a complex, timeless, infinite realm of reason visible to our inner eye. This is spiritual vision.