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Friday, May 12, 2006

Eye Spy

There's one really good thing about sticking to your beliefs, especially when your belief is that the White House is absolutely corrupt. I mean when you believe like I do that the White House coordinated the effort to obstruct America's defenses on 9/11 to guarantee the success of the attack because, after all, it was the Bush White House and the neocons who benefited the most from 9/11, when you believe that then it comes as no surprise at all that they are actually spying on you and me, on the non-al-Qaeda types right here in America and lying to us about it. Especially when you hear it over and over and over again.
I mean, if you didn't expect these things from the Bush administration, you might even start to panic!
It pays to distrust Bush and his whole Mafia gang.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fantasy Reality

Recently I've been reading and posting about Zionism and Christian Zionism. This morning I came across an interesting article about Christian Zionism and Zionist imperialism that paints a bleak picture for the future of the world. The article, written by Yoginder Sikand, is posted here at Religious News Online and here at The American Muslim. If you want to know where the future of Bush politics and Israeli imperialism lies, I suggest you take the time to read this article.
It is striking to me how fictional this whole thing seems to be. This is a fantasy whose authors and primary advocates use the Bible as their source. Picking and choosing images from the Bible, they weave together a patchwork quilt of war and death and dominance and terror. In so doing they hope to convince converts to become the instruments of this death and terror. All this is done in the name of Jesus and to win God's favor in their pursuit of wealth. If this isn't a cult, I can't imagine what it is. It certainly isn't what it says it is. It isn't God's Will on earth.
It has dawned on me that modern right-wing Christianity has become a suicide cult. What I haven't been able to determine yet is whether this is a recent phenomenon or represents some ancient Satanic cult long suppressed by the Roman and then Catholic churches.
It makes no sense at all to see Dick Cheney as a representative of right-wing Christianity. Since I don't think he is Jewish, then that leaves only one other option. So where can I find more information about this Satanic cult that is pushing the world toward suicide?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


It would be pointless for me to write anything about this CIA thing, Porter Goss's sudden resignation, Dusty Foggo's resignation this week, all this talk of clash in the upper levels of the CIA and the clash between Goss and Negroponte. Under layers of media cover-up, though, lies another story which was just beginning to break wind last week when Goss announced his resignation. This is the Duke Cunningham story, or rather the Cunningham, Wade, Wilkes, Baker, Shirlington Limousine, prostitutes (gender unknown), Dusty Foggo, Porter Goss, Republican names ad infinitum story.
Talking Points Memo and TPM Muckraker have been covering this story ever since Cunningham's home deal started looking suspicious. If you are at all curious about what could well become the biggest sex scandal in Washington in my lifetime and how Goss got mixed up in it, these two websites are a great place to begin. TPM is pro-Democrat for sure, but the coverage has always seemed reliable to me. This isn't the kind of ad homonym character assassination information we keep seeing from the Rove spectrum of politics, the Swift Boat and Jeff Gannon slop. TPM is out there looking for the truth.
Did Goss resign because of a sex scandal? I guess you and I will just have to wait and see. Goss or no Goss, this scandal goes deep into Washington politics and it isn't all about sex. It's about criminal bribery in Washington. The sex and the limos and the poker parties just seem to be means to an end and somehow this Foggo character, number 3 man at the CIA under Goss, just happened to be connected somehow and Goss apparently didn't want to take appropriate steps once the Republican shit began hitting the fan. So his sudden resignation had nothing to do with last week's muckraking? Yeah sure...